Bootstrap Marketing and Advertising

Bootstrap Marketing and Advertising” Please respond to the following: Using the Internet or Strayer databases, find three (3) examples of […]

Nov 7th, 2020


Different Advertisements

Collect two different advertisements (Note that these two ads must be different from those in Assignment #2). Describe the primary […]

Nov 7th, 2020


Promotional Campaign

You are expected to comment on this discussion topic based on your learnings from textbook, PowerPoint slides, and other resources […]

Oct 19th, 2020


Role of Advertising

1. Present and critique the definitions for “class” given in the video? 2. What was the role of advertising in […]

Oct 9th, 2020


Traditional Vs. Digital Advertising

Instructions:Respond to the following question in 250 words.Is TV advertising still the most powerful advertising medium or has it faded […]

Sep 10th, 2020


Promotional and Advertising Strategy

Double spaced, must include charts, graphs, and outside examples of how other companies might be using your ideas 5 Pages, […]

Sep 8th, 2020



Discuss the role of research in public relations. How has online communication impacted public relations? 300 Words Cover page (includes […]

Aug 22nd, 2020


Advertising Shape Consumption

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:  How does advertising shape consumption patterns in our culture? Provide […]

Aug 3rd, 2020



Define “traditional journalist” as well as “citizen journalist.” What are their characteristics, roles, and responsibilities within the larger newsgathering community? […]

Aug 3rd, 2020



1.   answer around 100/150 words  What is the difference between reach and frequency? 2.  300 words, needs to have an […]

Jul 30th, 2020

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