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If you are just getting started on writing your essays, there may be a lot you may be missing. You also cannot afford to lose the essay marks, as this would significantly affect your final mark. can help you with writing a professional essay and earn your “A.”

For you to write a great essay, you have to understand the format of writing an essay, and what you are required to include in all the sections. Here is a brief of how an essay looks like from


The first part of an essay is the introduction. The introduction of an essay is essential as it acts as the pace setter of the essay. It determines how many people read your essay. Be funny and mysterious in your introduction, and informative as well. By so doing, the reader will be eager to read the other paragraphs. A good introduction has to have a thesis and a reason why the essay is important.

Main Body of an Essay

An essay without a great body is like a burger without meat, nothing is thrilling about it, and it doesn’t serve the purpose of the essay. To write a good body, ensure that your paragraphs have topic sentences. Also, support all your writings with valid examples, and research enough to see that the arguments you make in your essay are factual. Your statements need to be enforced by real-life stories, statistics or quotes.

No one wants to read a long essay, but at the same time, you cannot explain a point in one sentence. To meet the needs of the reader, and drive your point home, write 5-7 sentences in each paragraph.

Beginners are advised to use the five-paragraph essay, which entails an introduction, a 3-body paragraph, and conclusion.


You do not want your reader to complete your essay, and then think, so what? You want them to feel complete and enlightened. This is the part of the essay that sticks in the reader’s mind, so it needs to be precise and exciting.

To accomplish this, sum up the whole of your essay in a few words. If you want to trigger the thinking of the reader, end using the Socratic Method, that is, ask a question. Ensure you stick to the tone of your essay, and avoid introducing new facts or new ideas in this paragraph.

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