Privacy Policy

Having some of the clients’ personal information is one of the best ways we can work coherently and successfully. Such information includes the clients’ residence country, telephone or mobile number, and name. We use such information for different reasons. For instance, our experts create your account using the information you provide. Therefore, you providing us with these data will help us address your requests comprehensively and communicate effectively.

Most importantly, to make sure that the order in progress is taking the right direction, we may require communication with the concerned client. In case there are any questions or need clarification on the work, the company must communicate with the client. This form of contact will only be possible when we have your required contact information.

Privacy Policy

Data Security

Our privacy policy never provide room for the company to share, rent, or sell the personally identifiable information belonging to the clients to any third parties. Consequently, all the personal and identifiable information provided to us by our clients are secured in the server system, and never given to third parties. All information in regards to payment is safe and secure. Furthermore, to guarantee data security to our clients, we use a sophisticated Secure Socket Layer system (SSL). We have an authentic and verified finance personnel to handle all the financial affairs, including all payment transactions and processing.


We use cookies to recognize you every time you visit this site. For that, cookies are small pieces of data that the company records on the hard drive of every client, with the consent of the client. Therefore, such portions of information help the company in getting feedback on the various activities of the clients on the website. Kindly note that we value and always appreciate your feedback. Such feedback helps to improve service quality and delivery. In case the client is not comfortable with this, you can request the company to stop monitoring.

Giving Personal Information to Third Parties

Under no circumstances do we share our clients’ personal information with third parties. However, we may have to share information, with the clients’ permission, to the expert handling your order. Lastly, the company reserves the right to share and disclose non-personally identifiable information for marketing.

Privacy Policy

Compliance with the Online Children Privacy Protection Act Policy

We offer all our services under the standards of the Children Online Privacy Protection Act, that is, COPPA standards. That is to say, a client must be thirteen years (13 years) and above to order any service.

The clients need to note that the Company’s Privacy Policy only caters to the information we collect, and you provide us with online.

Most importantly, we highly encourage our clients to carefully and thoroughly read all the terms and conditions. The information in the terms and conditions helps to reduce misunderstandings.

When a client eventually places an order, it is a clear that the client accepts all our terms and conditions. Remember that you are solely responsible for the maintenance of your passwords and your account information.

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