Terms and Conditions

These terms are the rules that govern you when you are using our services and website (Grandpaperwriters.com). Kindly take your time and go through them.

Grandpaperwriters.com is owned and operated by Grandpaperwriters.com

By using our website, you agree with our terms and conditions and agree to abide by them when using our website.

  1. Definitions

“Services” refers to any type of writings that a client requests. This includes; dissertations, essays, research papers or any other academic papers.

Terms & Conditions or “T&C”; include money back guarantee and privacy policy.

“You” “Client” refers to any entity or individual who registers with our website as a user and agrees to our T&C in submitting, executing any order, making payments or uploading orders in this website.

“Writer” is a freelancer hired by Grandpaperwriters.com to complete the client’s orders under supervision.

“Order” is an electric request with detailed information on the service that the client wants to be executed.

“Client’s Information” is the personal information of the client that they share with us on the website.

  1. Order Placing and Registration

2.1.    Kindly use an active email when registering on our website. This will help when we need to communicate. Using an invalid email address is violating our T&C.

2.2.    Placing an order on our site is free. After placing an order, writers bid to get the order.

2.3.    Clients communicate with the writers through the message button in every order for any details of the assignment. A writer is responsible for getting the required information to complete an order. After reaching an agreement with the writer, the client makes a deposit.

2.4.    Clients can use the messaging system to communicate with the support and writers. Make a habit of checking your messages regularly to offer clarification promptly to help complete your assignment in good time. It is illegal for clients to offer their personal information with writers or request them to work directly with them.

2.5.    The clients can see the progress of their work in their account. Below are some of the terms that will be used to describe your job status;

“Manage” this gives you the liberty to manage your orders in the account. That included; canceling or deleting the previously completed orders.

“Pending” When you send an order, it reflects on the pending sector meaning it is unpaid.

“Place order” When you want to place an order you press the place order button, and you get a form to fill your order requirements.

“Available Work” Once you pay an order, it reflects in the available session for writers to execute.

“In Progress” Once the writer begins to work on your order it reflects on the In Progress session.

“Assigned” After making payments, and a writer takes your work it shows in the assigned sector. A client may complain if they pay for an order, and it remains unassigned.

“Revision” Our writers are professional and up to all tasks. However, sometimes the client may notice a problem they want to be fixed in their order. They can send back the work for revision, at such times, it reflects in the revision sector.

“Editing” this is when the writer is done working on the order, and it is in the editing process.

“Completed” An essay appears in the completed sector when the order is delivered, and the client is satisfied.

“Approved” This is when the client has received the order, and is contented, and has no revision requirements.

“Dispute” This is the instance when a client complains to a writer about the order, but the writer thinks the complaints are vague. The support intervenes to solve the dispute.

  1. Order Payment

3.1. Placing an order on our site is free, you can also make a payment anytime. However, after accepting a bid, you must make payments for the writer to commence working on your project.

After accepting the work, the payments are released to the writer. In such occasions, a client cannot demand revisions.

3.2. If you deposit money in your account and decide not to use our services, we refund the money after 14 days from the requested day.

3.3. You are responsible for paying taxes and any value-added taxes that may come up depending on the kind of services that you receive.

3.4. Depending on your occupation, you may have to pay extra taxes or other charges that we charge. If this is necessary, the cost is added to your bill.

3.5. You agree that you will pay your income taxes based on your jurisdiction.

  1. Order Processing

4.1. Order Volume: The volume of any order is measured by its number of pages. One page is equal to 275 words. In case a client receives an order, and it doesn’t match their volume request, they are allowed to send back the work for revision.

4.2. Change of Order Details: A client has a chance to communicate with the writer for any changes that they may require. However, any changes made when the writer has completed the research and began the paper will be rejected. When a client gives an order that has many details, complex or narrow details, they will be requested to cancel the order and right the order correctly.

4.3. Resources: If a client has preferences of materials they need writers to use on their site, they must provide those resources or specify them.

4.4. Communication: Clients are encouraged to communicate with the support through the website messaging sector, and the chat button with the writer. Asking and answering questions enhances delivery, and avoids unnecessary revisions.

4.5. Progress Tracking: The client has two options for tracking the progress of their order. They can either message the support or check the status of their order in their account.

  1. Order Delivery

5.1. Grandpaperwriters.com is responsible for delivering the orders in the right deadlines.

5.2. It is a client’s responsibility to provide the support with valid channels to send their order. If a client gives the wrong email address or wrong contacts we will not be liable for the outcome. You are encouraged to contact customer service for any help with order deliveries.

5.3. After the order is availed to the client; they are held responsible for downloading their paper in good time.

5.4. Go through our Money Back Guarantee to understand the T&C or refunds.

  1. Order Revision

6.1. Clients can ask for revisions as long as the payments are not yet released to the writers.

6.2. Grandpaperwriters.com has a right to reject revisions when they realize that the revisions are unnecessary, and not in line with our T&C. This is when clients exploit writers by asking for unreasonable requests.

  1. Refund Policy

Grandpaperwriters.com is committed to delivering the orders in good time. However, in case clients feel their commitment has been violated. They are entitled to a refund based on the timing of requesting the refund.

  1. Personal data and Security

To understand how/ what information we collect from you, how we use it and how it is safeguarded by us, visit our Privacy Policy sector.

  1. Account Information and Security

9.1. During the registration process, you are asked to provide a valid email address and select a password of your choice.

9.2. Secure your information by avoiding sharing it with others.

9.3. You are held accountable for any orders or activities that happen in your account. If you suspect any unusual activities in your account, request for a new password in your profile.

9.4. If you forget the password, you can reset it using the “forget password” button in the login details.

  1. Website use, suspension, and termination

10.1. Your access to the website is limited to personal use only.

10.2. You are prohibited from using the website for any illegal activities which include;

10.2.1. Distribution of materials that are abusive, obscene, harassing, defamatory, or breaching any laws.

10.2.2. Transmitting materials that encourage criminal conduction activities or breaking of existing laws.

10.2.3. Interfering with another client’s use of the website.

10.2.4. Transmitting or use of other people’s work without their copyright permission.

10.3. A client must pay for any damage or losses caused by the client through breach of contract.

10.4. Breaching of the contract may result in account termination.

10.5. If we suspect any unusual activities in your account and think it may cause adverse effects to other uses, we may have to suspend your account to investigate the matter.

10.6. Any attempts to contact the writer using other means besides the allowed methods will be seen as a violation of our T&C.

  1. Discrimination and Limitation of Liability

11.1. We do not guarantee that our website will fit your needs or meet your expectations. You may not enjoy all the website’s services if your computer does not support certain technology.

11.2. Grandpaperwriters.com is accessed through the world web which is independent of us. It is up to the client to comply with the laws and rules of the international web. We do not have anything to do with the authenticity of the web.

11.3. Our website may contain hyperlinks or resources from third parties. The third parties have their T&C; we are not held accountable for anything that happens from the use of the websites. Using them is at the risk of the client.

11.4. We are not liable for any loses that a client may experience from the modification of our site.

11.5. We will not be accountable for any issues resulting from;

  • Electronic, phone, software or hardware, internet, computer malfunctions, failures or such difficulties.
  • Failed or delayed email transmissions.
  • Any activities of any kind that is beyond the control of Grandpaperwriters.com that may lead to corruption or delay of services
  • Any damages, losses or injuries related to using the site
  • Any typographical or printing errors in the document.

11.6. We will not be liable for any damage that happens to you for the use of our site due to unplanned or unforeseen damage or losses.

11.7. None of our T&C are meant to neglect your safety as a client of the damage that may be caused by misinterpretation causing personal injury.

  1. Miscellaneous

If you breach our T&C and we choose to ignore, we have the right to rely on it as a reason for a disciplinary measure after any additional offense.

  1. Notices

13.1. Unless otherwise, any notices from you to us should be through the messaging of our website.

13.2. Notices from us to you can either;

  • Be displayed on the client’s personal order page,
  • Emailed to your email addresses given in your account, or
  • Displayed on the website from time to time
  1. Amendments

14.1. Grandpaperwriters.com reserves the right to make any changes on their site. They also reserve the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently terminate services. We will do our best to notify you of the changes on our website on matters that interest you.

14.2. We may revise our T&C from time to time, your continued use of the website after the changes is part of the agreements that bind you. It is, therefore, your responsibility to periodically read the T&C. However, we will email any changes or use other methods to notify you of the changes.

  1. Contact Details

In case of any questions about Grandpaperwriters.com, you can call us, email us or chat with us on our website’s messaging sector. You can also use your personal order messaging button.

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