Developing an Advertising Program Essay

In developing an advertising program, marketing managers must always start by identifying the targetmarket and buyer motives. Then they can make the five major decisions, known as ? the five Ms?. y Mission:It states the objectives of the advertising. It also includes the sales goals of thecompany. The different company has its own mission, and its own marketing plan. y Money:It gives an idea that how much money should be spent by the company for theadvertisement.

Factors to be considered for this are stage of product life cycle, market shareand consumer base, competition, advertisement frequency and product substitutability.

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Developing an Advertising Program Essay
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Organizations use several methods for determining advertising budgets including:affordable method, percentage-of-sales, competitive-parity method, objective-and-task method : y Message: Message includes what message should be spent in advertisement. It includesmessage generation, message evaluation and selection, message execution and socialresponsibility review.

Media:It includes which media should be used for the advertisement. It also includes reach,frequency, and impact of the advertisement. It also contains major media types, mediavehicles, media timing and geographical media allocation.

y Measurement: it is nothing but evaluation of the results. It measures communicationimpact and sales impact by an advertisement. 1) Setting The ObjectivesThe advertising objectives must flow from prior decisions on target market, brand positioning and themarketing program.

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