Why Psychology Is Important Essay

Psychology is the study of the human mind and any of its functions. It also includes the behavior resulting from any changes in our environment. Psychology is very important to mankind in that it is important in understanding the world we live in. Psychology helps us and allows us to better understand the emotional and behavioral effects of our surroundings. According to Taylor (1988), many prominent researchers believe a healthy mental outlook on the world and what we perceive it to be is very important.

Psychology is a mandatory course for so many programs of study because it is so widely used in occupations across the world.

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Why Psychology Is Important Essay
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Using any number of research methods, a psychologist can apply research to the field of Public Relations in order to predict how a demographic will respond to certain things that occur. Not only is psychology widely used in many professions, but basic elements of psychology affect us as individuals each day. The research that psychologists glean from their subjects benefits all of us through better understanding of how our minds work.

This is possible through testing of subject groups and adjusting environmental conditions. With the resulting data, psychologists can improve our lives.

While most can speculate about behavior and emotion, psychologists us the scientific method to more legitimately predict describe and even explain human behavior. The simple fact that psychology contains so many sub-fields makes it unique. This allows specialized psychologist to concentrate on a more specific aspect of the human mind, such as, developmental psychology where researchers observe human mental growth from birth to death (Feldman 2009). A cross-cultural psychologist could be of help in the conflict affecting Syria.

A researcher in cross-cultural psychology could shed light on how people in the region react to the violence and horror that has been occurring over the past couple of years. Through this, mankind can benefit by improving conditions to ease the locals mentally and emotionally. Through experimental psychology, researchers can get a better idea of how people see, and react to the world. This is immensely important as an improved view of the world would increase productivity and overall stress reduction. According to a rigorous survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control, in 2004, 1 in 4 people reported having a mental illness.

This means that in any family of four, statistically, on person has a mental illness. Because of this statistic, psychological study is important. With psychological specialists, these people can be evaluated and treated giving them a better quality of life. Studies included in an APA press release in 2005 suggest that people are not made as happy by success as previously thought. Studies show that it is really happiness that is beginning to engender success, suggesting that employees respond well to positive feedback from their work.

With this knowledge we can shape society by putting in place emotional and mental buffers in our everyday environment. Psychology is such a widely applied field of the sciences, that many students are required to take a course covering the subject. This is highly effective in making our society more prepared to both deal with everyday stresses and even become capable of making society better through psychological research. There are many fields that directly require a degree in psychology. There are seemingly more degrees that lie outside the social services field that require a grasp of psychology as well.

Take, for example, Public Relations specialists. A PR agent is going to take an event that a company or organization is involved in and try to use demographic studies and delicate wording to spin the situation in a positive sounding way. Through test subject research, a psychologist can determine in what fashion to deliver a message or piece of info to the media to achieve a desired result with the public. Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, did some work in PR (H&M Publishers 1986). Bernays believed that all people in PR should understand psychology.

He felt that if you understand how and for what reason people did things, you could change their behavior. Also, to be a good communicator, you must understand how people behave. With the huge variety of applications, psychology is crucial to many professional fields. Psychology affects all of our lives on an individual level as well as a society. During daily life, an individual may use methods used in psychology. A leader can reward his followers for creativity. An individual can use methods to motivate oneself. One can improve communication skills by noticing non-verbal signals and using tone to reinforce a message.

Through attention to personal behavior under low stress situations, a person can determine how they may react under those regular conditions. All of these are simple ideas of psychology applied to make one more productive and effective in society. This makes psychology even more crucial to how people live from day to day. The study of our minds and behavior will continue to be an integral part of everyday life as well as professional endeavors. It is important because, through research, improvements can be made in quality of life as well as productivity.

Since it is so applicable to one’s life it is very important to have a greater understanding of psychology. This way, people will have a better understanding of themselves and each other. A large number of social services require experience in psychology. Just as many professions outside the social services do as well, like public relations. An insight into psychological studies may also render a greater understanding of oneself, making society stronger as a whole. It is for these reasons and more that psychological research will always be important.

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