Upward Downward and Horizontal Communications Essay


Organizations in the modern era are complex social systems which can not function effectively and efficiently without proper interaction between its employees. Communication is a process through which all the employees in an organization are linked together. Communication is, “a communion by words, letters, symbols, or messages and as a way that one organization member shares meaning with another” (Bellows).

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Upward Downward and Horizontal Communications Essay
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In a highly organized hierarchical system, communication flows primarily in three directions – downward, upward and horizontal. In the early days, traditional organizations emphasize primarily on downward communication, But modern managers concentrates on the development of upward communication with a view to involve as many subordinates as possible in the communication process.

Beside these, horizontal communication is also an important part of the communication process. Communication serves the following purposes in an organization

  1. Helps establish and disseminate the goals of an organization.
  2. Facilitates the development of plans for the achievement of goals.
  1. Helps managers utilize manpower and other resources in the most effective way
  2. Helps managers select, develop, and appraise members of the organizations
  3. Helps managers lead, direct, motivate and create a innovative and enthusiastic climate
  1. Facilitates control and evaluation of performance.

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