Tropical Design Essay

Philippines is a tropical country composed of islands that is beside pacific ocean and because of this scientific research says that mostly low pressure areas formulate in the oceans and the tendency is our country would be the first one to be hit by the typhoons. Climate has a major effect on building performance and energy consumption and it is very alarming today that our current country suffers from different kind of natural phenomenon which they say is beyond normal. Consecutive rains and floods are our major disaster the filipinos faced.

Our fellow citizens lost a house, shelter and a home. As we always continue to stand and battle these crisis we are facing why can’t we build homes that could cope with the said conditions? Why would we suffer from houses that could not withstand the dangers of the climate. and it would be really troublesome to fix it all over again. Tropical Design deals with the building elements that are applicable and could withstand the different variations of tropical climate so as to provide buildings that can cope with the philippine climate.

Architecture in the philippines is slowly coping up with the “standards” of modern design yet it is specifically inappropriate to the country’s climate tropical. It is composed of wet and dry seasons. and these can contribute discomforts to the people starting from their homes. introducing architectural solutions to combat scorching heat invevitable rainfalss inside and outside the house. Architects must realize that the building skin is not just specifying materials and creating a facade for aesthetics.

The building envelope serves as a climatc mesh that filters the outside environment to create a proper and hopefully a comfortable indoor environment. a climatic responsive building envelope is only one functional criterion consider for correct design. In the Philippines, hot humid conditions require protection from heeat and maximum ventilation for interiors, therefore, local designs should firmly consider these issues. proper fenestrations and building materials should be selected.

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