Tourism Has Increased Quickly Since 1950 Essay

There are a variety of reasons for the increase in tourism levels. First and foremost, things have changed over time, socially and economically. In the 1950’s, very few families had a car, now almost every family have at least one car, if not multiple vehicles. This means that people can drive to airports, to ferry ports, etc. Another reason is due to employment laws; there has been a huge increase in leisure time. This is down to more people receiving paid annual leave (4 weeks on average), people are working less hours for more money so have a higher disposable income and also lots of families have two ‘wage-earners’.

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Tourism Has Increased Quickly Since 1950 Essay
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Lots of people are now taking early retirement and have generous pensions so can spend their savings on holidays. Another massive factor responsible for the increase in tourism is change in technology. There have been huge advances in aircraft development and additionally, motorways. The Euro tunnel also provides a link between England and France, giving tourists the option of driving to their destination instead of flying or by boat.

All this is furthered by the alternative of book holidays and tours online, instead of going into a travel agent.

This also gives people the opportunity to research locations before booking their holiday. Finally, and maybe most importantly, there is the actual growth and expansion of the holidays and tours offered. Because of the demand for different holidays, travel companies have created many ‘tailor-made’ and budget friendly holidays, such as package tours and adventure breaks that cater for a wide variety of tourists such as families, couples and students. Package holidays particularly attract families on a tight budget who are looking for a holiday that is both enjoyable and affordable.

With lots of travel businesses now offering eco-tourism, tourists are being attracted to the idea of embracing local culture and lifestyle without damaging the environment. Overall, the increase in tourism since the 1950’s is due to multiple factors that, when combined, have made national and international travel much more accessible to a wider range of people.

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