Tough Guise Reaction Paper Essay

My reaction to this movie, “Tough Guise” by Jackson Katz is one that is positive. I feel that it is extremely important to point out crucial facts about students in America that both challenges and pinpoints problems in our educational environments, especially for high school and college students who are faced with violent outbursts from those who feel that they have a right to inflict pain and suffering on others around them in our educational systems..

            I feel that it is important for films, such as “Tough Guise” to be shown in all schools around the country to enlighten those who may not see the critical and immediate danger that is facing our society when it comes to violence.

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Tough Guise Reaction Paper Essay
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By allowing an up-close look at issues that affect each of us, we are moving closer to being rid of violent attacks upon those who are in educational environments.

            My overall reaction to this movie propels me to look deeper into the problems that are facing our schools and students in order to make a positive move toward making changes.

By viewing this movie, I learned that we don’t have to take a backseat to the events and crimes that may affect our immediate communities. We learn by watching this movie to be ready to identify threats so that we can better address problems and issues with those around us. I am lead to ask more questions from others, to try harder to identify personal crisis so that I may be able to lend a hand or see to it that a person who may be at risk for violence may get the help they need.

            I’m happy that I watched this movie and I would recommend that other students should view it as well, in order for everyone to become more educated and so that all our communities may pull together in learning about causes that lead some individuals to their bad behavior in our school systems, in order to cut back on violence across our nation.

            I feel good about this movie that it can be used also in other forums and places where people can learn about violence for all racial backgrounds. I think that by showing violent behavior to be a multicultural and national epidemic that it takes the horrible deed of violence off the race of people and places it where it belongs; with the individual who practices bad behavior.

            We need to continue in the educational process of above everything else, I believe to grasp the evil influences that threaten to destroy lives in our school systems. I also feel that other groups who have been affected by violence would gain much knowledge in learning to deal with attacks that have been brought upon them.

            “Tough Guise” did enlighten me more to what is going on around me and I did receive a positive outcome by viewing the movie. I’ve learned more by watching this film in a short time than many learn in many years. I felt that I was right there with the others who were experiencing pain in their lives and it made me want to work harder at making a difference in my own community.

            Violence is definitely not the answer to anyone’s problems. Those who feel they know someone who may be showing signs of violent behavior should seek counseling for them and talk to as many people as possible in order to make a difference and drastically reduce violence in our educational systems.

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