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This week’s assignments include:Reading Assignment – Section VI Middle Range TheoriesChapter 21 – Katharine Kolcaba’s Comfort TheoryChapter 22 – Joanne Duffy’s Quality-Caring ModelReflection and Scholarly Papers:This assignment will involve your providing a reflection based on this week’s reading assignments of Chapter 21 Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory and Chapter 22 Duffy’s Quality Caring Model.Each theory should be a minimum of three paragraphs for each chapter.

The quality of your writing is much more important is more important than the quantity.All papers must be completed and submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Assignments submitted as a PDF or any other document will not be graded and a Zero will be receive for the score. All written assignments submitted through  will be evaluated using the similarity index to determine if work submitted by students is original and not plagiarized. All work submitted by students must contain no more than 20% similarity index, any percentage greater than 20% is unacceptable and considered as plagiarism. Papers submitted with greater than 20% similarity index maybe receive a grade of zero.  APA STYLE , MORE THAN 2 CITATIONS AND REFERENCES WITH LESS THAN 5 YEAR

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