The Hangover I – Movie Review Essay

Four smart and handsome young men have one mission. In Las Vegas they want to have the time of their life and celebrate the greatest bachelor party ever. It should be sophisticated but still excellent. But what should have been a reasonable weekend turns into a colossal mess after the first night already. One of the four musketeers, the groom is missing. Stu, Phil and Allan have to face many outreagous challenges in association with their previous night. The movie is filled with numerous of funny moments and promises an unforgettable movie experience that guaranties you one hundred minutes of pure laughter.

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The Hangover I – Movie Review Essay
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The Hangover is a movie that has been released in June 2009. Todd Phillips, who is also known as the director of movies such as „Due Date“, „Starsky and Hutch“, and the controversial movie „Project X“, which has been released this summer 2012 worked on the Hangover not only as director but also as producer. With a budget of 35 million US dollars the film that has been distributed by Warner Brothers has managed to get Box office sellings up to 467,483,912 US dollars, which proves that the Hangover is the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever in the United States.

The four main characters are Phil Wenneck who is portrated by the one and only, overly handsome Bradley Cooper, who is the brain of the „wolfpack“, then there is the slight geeky but still likeable Stu Price, the groom which the movie is actually all about, but who is more figured as a support actor Justin Bartha as Doug Billings and then my favourite character of the entire movie Zach Galifianakis who plays Alan, Doug’s future brother in law. He is personated as an ineffable funny but socially incapable guy, who you already fall in love with after the first scene in which he appears. Each of his assertions are addicting and ensure you to burst into a flood of tears.

After a blurry night the three mates Stu, Allan and Phil realize that they are missing their buddy Doug after weaking up in their overpriced and incredibly trashed penthouse suite. The tiger in their bathroom has only a little part in one of their crazy events they don’t seem to educe. They are forced to assemble every little detail they can still remember from their previous night. Therefore then, an unforgettable, hilarious journey begins on the hunt for Doug.

Each of the hundred minutes in this movie are eminently funny. Especially Alan was responsable for so many of my laughter fits. One of my favourite moments is when the four friends arrive at their Vegas Hotel, the Caesar’s Palace and Alan asks the receptionist bloody serious if Caecar actually used to live there. Exceptionally stupid but still hysterical.

In my opinion the Hangover is an absoulte „must see“ for young and old. But since there is a lot of swearing and some vulgarity I recommend it only to humerous people who can deal with this kind of ambiguity. The movie will take you on a journey where you will forget time and space. It’s really captivating and one of the most paramount films I’ve ever seen so far.

So, I would say get some popcorn ready and enjoy yourself!

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