The Fault In Our Stars Summary Essay

The Fault in our Stars by John Green is an outstanding novel and one of Green’s best works. It tells a modern story about a girl named Hazel trying to live like a normal teenager. However this is not the easiest thing in the world for her because wherever she goes, she must carry an oxygen tank with her as a result of her having cancer. However at a teen cancer support group, she meets Augustus Waters, a very different yet similar person to her.

This novel tells a sweet, painful love story about pain, miracle, adoration, and inspiration about how to overcome obstacles in life

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The Fault In Our Stars Summary Essay
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Augustus Waters is someone who probably would not be a probable match for Hazel. He lives life with uncertainty because his cancer is not 100% cured. Hazel lives upon diagnosis. She accepts that she will die soon and doesn’t want to hurt Augustus because she knows he had been hurt that way before. Hazel spends her time inside her home all day reading the same book over and over again, and oddly enough decides to share it with Augustus.

He seems to have his own secret reason for loving the book as much as she does.

Augustus uses his wish from the Wish foundation for cancer patients to take Hazel and her mother to Amsterdam to meet the author who wrote the book they both admire. They unfortunately discover that the author they had come to meet is a repugnant jerk and they leave soon after arriving. Many of the situations that both teens encounter are very realistic and relatable. There are many repugnant jerks in the world and most of the time, the only mature thing to do is walk away. There are also people like Hazel’s mother, who knows Hazel’s situation and knows the trip will put her at risk but understands that Hazel needs to do something exciting in her life and going on vacation with a boy whom she loves will make her happy.

When they return to Indiana, Hazel soon discovers that Augustus is not well. With everything that has happened in her life, she is the one is left angry at the world. She doesn’t seem to understand how someone as amazing as Augustus had to have a terrible fate that she had once accepted was upon herself. The most terrible things always happen to the people who deserve it the least. There really must be a fault in our stars.

Although I do not have cancer and I do not have any life-threatening diseases, this book was important to me. The Fault in our Stars shows that no matter what the circumstances are, you can always prove yourself wrong and keep at things even though they get tough. John Green has captured the idea of true love and overcoming obstacles in the best way possible.

Title The Fault in Our Stars
Written by John Green
Type of Writing Novel
Genre Young adult fiction
Country The US
First Published 2012
Main Topic Romantic relationship of two teenagers having cancer
Setting The US, Amsterdam
Main Characters Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters, Van Houten

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