The Color of Family Ties Essay

This paper is depends on an essay, The Color of Family Ties, from the book Rereading American. The essay, The Color of Family Ties, has carried on the comparison in the difference of race, class, gender and extended family involvement to Whites family, Blacks family and Latinos family to find their relationships between their kinships. The author has taken some data to describe the different behave of those three races to do with their kin. From the authors’ research we can see Blacks and Latinos more likely to live with kin or near kin and they contact each other more frequently.

And both Whites and minority like to be supportive family members, but in different way. Whites more likely give financial aid and minority give help with household work, etc. Of course there is no right or wrong for different races to treat their family, but we can find out what made that different. The first thing we think about is culture, their culture give them their own family value.

Whites seems like more independent, but other races not only Blacks and Latinos also Asians like to believe that extended family is important.

But culture cannot explain everything; it is easy to find out that the ties with family members are also different between rich men and poor men no matter what race they are. Middle class is the main body of the society; they seem more likely to talk about their personal concerns and share money with relatives. Whites tend to have more income than Blacks and Latinos normally and that may another important reason why people support their family in different way.

But along with the time change, many national minorities also joined the middle class or even high income class, especially Chinese and Indian, so that the family pattern may also change as well. In addition, history reason also can be important. Considered that Whites act as ‘first citizen’ for a long period and Blacks and Latinos been treaded as salve and failure; that may affect their national character so that change their opinion of family value.

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