Students Are Unhappy Essay

Who think that being a student is happy nowadays? A recent survey showed that Hong Kong students are not happy with their lives. Some even have a very negative attitude towards life. The primary cause of their unhappiness is their failure to get good results, to achieve their ambitions and maintain the good relationship with their parents and friends. We should have a better insight on how these affect students.

When students are unable to get good results, they feel unsatisfied.

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Students Are Unhappy Essay
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In the exam-oriented educational system, every student strives for an A in every subject. They keep on studying and feel stressed because of the high expectations from parents, teachers and students itself. Excess pressure is counterproductive. When they again fail to get good results, they spend more and more time on studying. Without a good balance between study and relaxation, no matter how hard they study, they end up failing to get what they want. The vicious circle never stops.

So, they repeat their failure.

The inability to achieve their ambitions also gives rise to the dissatisfaction of lives. Students usually get a plan for future. However, some of them underestimate or even ignore the difficulties in the plan. When the hardships suddenly turn up, they are incapable of dealing with the problems because they are unprepared. They are not mature enough to handle the problems as well. The unsolved difficulties stop them from achieving their ambitions. They feel frustrated and regard themselves as failures. This ruins their confidence and everything seems out of control in their lives. These are the reasons why they are unhappy with their lives.

Another factor which sparks off the disappointment to life is failing to maintain the good relationship with parents and friends. In teenage, students handle their emotions badly due to the hormone change. They easily lose their temper. When you say another word, they feel it annoying and disturbing. They are less patient to hear what you say. Because of this, the lack of communication finally brings damage to their relationship with parents and friends. Having bad relationships with parents and friends, students are sad and will hide their thoughts.

These are the culprits causing the unhappiness in teenagers’ lives. After knowing this, we can find out some ways to help students to get rid of this dire strait and be more positive towards life.

When it comes to academic results, we should bear in mind that everyone has different talents. It is very hard to get an A in every subject. What we can do is to try our best. Putting too much pressure on students is also bad for us. We should strike a good balance between study and relaxation. A balanced lifestyle is good for students to become more positive as well.

How we can achieve our ambitions is to draft a thorough plan, listing the potential difficulties we may face and writing the solutions down. Students will be better prepared when they face up to the problems. Despite the fact that some of the predicaments are totally out of expectation, we can ask for advice. We can ask our parents and teachers. They have more experience and surely can give useful advice.

The key to good relationship is communication. You can share what your feelings, thoughts, happiness and even unhappiness are. Take a deep breath when you feel annoyed and try to listen what others want to tell. You will be more patient to listen. You can talk more about your daily life to your parents as well. They are willing to listen to you. Good relationship builds like this way. Once you are willing to communicate with others, maintaining the good relationship is no longer a difficult task.

Having a positive attitude towards life is crucial, especially for students who are vulnerable to difficulties. This will help them to be easier to accept the difficulties and be optimistic. Negative life attitude brings only frustration, disappointment and unhappiness.

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