Student and Social Service Essay

Life is too short for acquiring knowledge. Student life is very useful because it prepares students for the real life. It means that student life is a life of learning. Students are the future citizens of the country and have different roles to play. Like others, students have also their duties towards the society. Social service can be, and should be done by all, but students are especially useful for social service. Though they should devote a greater part of their time in attending to their studies, they should spend a portion of their time in the service of the people.

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Student and Social Service Essay
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Most of the time of a student is wasted in idle gossip, in roaming and in fruitless work. It is better to utilize the power of youth in socially productive work. If a student utilizes his time fruitfully and in socially useful work he gets contentment. Students should remember that they are born for the improvement of the society. They can help the mankind in the best possible way.

The value of social service should be taught to students to create inspiration in them. Students can provide social services in many ways.

Firstly, Students can play the educational role in very successful manner. They can teach illiterate people in villages and towns whenever they have free time.. They may provide service to the members of the society in their time of need. Secondly, students can have discussions with common people everywhere on our social and political duties. We know that the putting garbage at proper places on roads and keeping the streets clean are very important. Students can tell the people how to do it. They can take part in cleaning and mending themselves.

Thirdly, students can work within social service organizations like Jaago Foundation, Red crescent etc. to provide help and guidance to the suffering humanity. They can utilize their time in assist helpless, poor and ill people in reaching hospitals. They can take out people from flood and earthquake areas to safer areas. People of our country are not aware of how to keep the atmosphere hygienic. People can be taught by students how to lead a life of cleanliness and how to keep their lives free from diseases.

Students can co-operate with people on matters of public interest such as education, sanitation, trade and commerce. Students can participate in cleaning drains, ponds during the leisure hours. They can help people during natural calamities such as earth quake, flood, drought, cyclone by collecting funds from different sources. Students have a spirit to work but the guardians and, teacher should guide them in the right way. Students should be taught how to serve the people of their country. Social service can be safely managed if they can be guided properly. Our leaders should guide them in the right way.

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