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Class: Research Methods

Research Study:  Is obesity associated with diabetes risk among Americans aged 35-45?

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Research Sampling Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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Before any study can be undertaken, the researcher must determine what exactly will constitute the study’s target population, sample frame, and sample. Also, to be considered is how the researcher will go about recruiting subjects into the study. Based on what you have learned about sampling in this module, address the following in a 3-page essay:

1. Describe the type of sampling strategy most appropriate for your research study. (hint: it’s stratified)

2. Identify your target population (obese males/females, ages 35-45) and how you would determine your sampling frame and sample size.

3. Discuss the merits and shortcomings (weaknesses) of your selected sampling strategy. (stratified)

4. Explain how you will address the shortcomings in terms of threats to internal and external validity.

Length: 3 pages, APA format, Scholarly sources cited


Helpful resources:

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