Relationship between George and Lennie Essay

Steinbeck shows ways in which the relationship between George and lennie work using many different techniques. Through this piece of writing I’m going to show you different ways he does this.

Steinbeck creates both characters George is small but very smart and a sensitive character where as lennie is tall and well built but has mental problems. These characters are extremely different but this creates love between them they are not related in anyway but anyone would think they were.

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Relationship between George and Lennie Essay
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George treats lennie like his son all the way through the book quote “OK. Some day- we’re gunna get the jack together and we’re gunna have a little house and a couple of acres” this is George and lennies dream lennies main priority is to tender the rabbits not to have a house of his own with George this shows that lennie is very childish. Quote. “NO.. You tell it. It aint the same if I tell it.

Go on George how I get to tend the rabbits “. Lennie also repeats himself a lot this also shows his child like behavior. This behavior his something that is shown all the way through the book/film this is a big part in the relationship as it creates a lot of tension between both characters.

Companionship is another major part of the relationship George being the sensible clever one has to advise lennie on everything trying to keep him out of trouble like he had before in weed. George has to repeat things to lennie over and over again so he doesn’t forget or even make lennie repeat things he shouldn’t do. Quote. “ Hide in the brush said lennie. Hide in the brush said lennie slowly”. This shows that George doesn’t trust lennie just like a farther wouldn’t trust his son at a young age.

Control is another technique used by Steinbeck to create the relationship. George always makes sure lennie is under control and safe. At one part in the book George catches Lennie stroking a dead mouse. Quote. George-“awright, gi’ me that mouse!” Lennie-“ what mouse, George? I aint got no mouse.” Throughout this page George has to keep questioning Lennie and persuade him to put the mouse down. This once again shows lennies childlike behavior also this shows how determined he is to keep something he wants.

Another situation showing control in the relationship is where Lennie automatically walks behind George as if George Is Lennies leader like a man and a dog here I have referred Lennie to an animal, Steinbeck also did this in the book. Quote. “Drank with long gulps snorting into the water like a horse”.

In the great depression men usually travelled alone but George had to look after Lennie due to his disabilities George didn’t only have to look after his own belongings but Lennies too. Quote. Lennie- “ George … I aint got mine. I musta lost it. “ He looked down at the ground in despair. George- “you never had none, you crazy bastard I got both of’ em here. Think id let you carry your own work card?” Lennie doesn’t seem to regard his mental weakness instead he seems relieved that George is there to have his back its as if Lennie is in his own world.

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