Question & Answer: (((((((((( Briefy Respond to the Following Two Responses to the Questions ))))))))))…..

(((((((((( Briefy Respond to the Following Two Responses to the Questions ))))))))))

Note: These are students responses to two different questions. I need someone to conduct a response to their answers. I will put their answers in qutation marks.

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Question & Answer: (((((((((( Briefy Respond to the Following Two Responses to the Questions ))))))))))…..
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Question 1: Introductions. What are THREE most important things you should keep in mind with professional introductions? Show (create or find a video) to us how it is done.

Student Response 1: “With professional introductions its important to be confident and pay attention to the information shared with you. When meeting someone for the first time, use their name several times throughout the course of the conversation to help with retention of names. Maintain level of familiarity with someone from introduction and into future conversations. It’s unprofessional to use titles during introductions and then immediately assume familiarity with someone by dropping them in the next conversation. Most importantly, don’t rush through introductions. Build relationships and connections and make sure to remember their name for future dealings.”

Question 2: Professional Dress—WOMEN. Describe business attire AND business casual for women. What are some of today’s fashions and trends that would or would not be appropriate for the workplace?

Student Response 2: “Business attire for women is extremely important and can sometimes be extremely tricky to master. It is always vital to have a clean and simple look in the business place. This means clean and possibly a nude color of nails, no loud jewelry and your hair should be pulled back so your face is shown. Lately there have been many trends of sleek looking buns and ponytails and this is perfect for the workplace. Some trends that would not be acceptable would be anything lace or see through. It is always best to have a nice pantsuit or even a suit with a matching skirt. Button down shirts and blazers are also acceptable to wear. Also, flats or one to three inch heels will also be fine for business attire. It is also important to remember, some business settings are more strict than others, for example, if you are a CPA your dress code will be a little different than someone who is a saleswoman for a company.”

Expert Answer

Student Response 1:

I agree with the first step of beginning an introduction is being confident and attentive to the information shared, it should also be noticed that people do not rush the process of introduction. It should not be case to rush through the handshakes as it would appear that the introduction was rushed to hide the nervousness. The introduction should be completed with a firm handshake to display confidence of the introducer. To instil familiarity it is a good technique to use the names in the conversation, however it should be used only when required and in the way of conversation. For example “If you are in this Jack.” If the person is introduced with his full name, it is a good technique to use it fully in the following conversations until the person is familiar and asks to drop it in the future conversations.

Student Response 2:

I agree, to the point that the business attire should be in accordance with the corporate culture of the organization. A traditional organization would require an appropriate button down shirts with pant or skirt with blazers are considered as most appropriate to wear. Whereas, while working with the start-ups, it would be okay to adapt a casual women attire. The dressing should be neutral, light jewellery and light makeup will complement the business look for the women in the workplace.

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