Problem Behavior Syndrome Essay

Problem Behavior Syndrome (PBS) are a number of antisocial behaviors that cluster together which may include family dysfunction, substance abuse, smoking, educational underachievement, suicidal thoughts/attempts, unemployment and even crime. (Siegel, 2011) There is one person that comes to mind that has a criminal record and also possesses numerous antisocial behaviors listed in the text. That person, sadly, is my ex boyfriend/ baby’s father, Jonathon. He is only 27 years old and already has two strikes against him.

The antisocial behaviors that pertain to him are: family dysfunction, smoking, substance abuse, unemployment, and educational underachievement.

I personally believe his mother is to blame for that. She’s a lazy, unemployed alcoholic and possibly bipolar. She picks fights with him whenever possible and has even gotten him arrested once or twice. She is and most likely never was a positive role model for Jon. Maybe it has to do with his father never being around. Who knows? He had gotten a chick pregnant while he was only 15 or so.

I have met that kid and the mother; I feel she is already heading down the road he went.

That is exactly why I will not let him be in my daughter’s life. I don’t want her to be like him in any way. I am not sure how or who introduced him to drugs but that is his biggest downfall. Drugs (crystal meth) are why he’s been arrested. That fact that he smoked it as well didn’t make things better. He has never harmed anyone or robbed anything either so thank god for that. Since he has a record, it’s very hard for him to find a decent job. But the fact that he is trying to turn his life around and make something of himself, is what makes me know for a fact that he won’t become another PBS statistic.

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