Premarital Sex Problems Essay

It is mainly because of the media where they come to know all about sex. That too the world of pornography makes many to think that the world is full of sexual activities and nothing more. Added to that now plenty of commercial sex workers (flesh trading) waiting to hook up and that is the reason teenager indulge into premarital sex.

I’m sorry no, teens have always had sex and that has nothing to do with commercials, society or porn.

Not even when you are addicted to porn, which is unusual in teens, does it have such effect. They fall in love, are curious and their hormone levels have never been higher. They are horny just like adults and many are fully aware of that they might not get married. There are no guarantees in this world you will ever meet someone and when you fall in love for the first time it feels like it will last forever. Sextraders have always been there as well and the majority of kids do not go to prostitutes.

Just because you are well educated about sex or have acess to birth control does not mean oyu will have sex. That is not how people function, teens or adults. It’s just a myth creatyed to have something to blame on when teens have sex. It’s perfectly normal to feel those things and have sex.

Premarital Sex and Religion The Catholic Church teaches that premarital sex is wrong, yet it is still widely practiced around the world. The reason marriage was created was to join two people of the opposite sex together in a holy sacrament that would make the couple one. God’s reason for marriage is quoted in the bible when he said, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” ;. The Sacrament of marriage is one of the most sacred Sacraments in the Catholic Religion. By performing premarital sex, the couple is breaking a covenant with God and is performing a sin. Marriage is the joining of a couple in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the State. When two people are joined into marriage they become on in flesh and one spirit.

Sexual intercourse within marriage is for this reason good and of great blessing both to the couple, to the family and to the church. However, outside of marriage it creates a conflict of body and soul. This conflict may not at first be evident but later it can result it real soul damage occurring between the two people involved. God tells us that we should control out bodies and our lusting, “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality ;that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in a passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God”1.

By performing premarital sex we are abusing our bodies and our souls. The pain that premarital sex puts on us is very evident. Physically premarital sex can lead to many things, such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and other things that accompany premarital sex. Mentally premarital sex also hurts. Our bond with God is ruined, we lose contact with God and we are no longer part of the Church. Premarital sex goes against God’s law so our relationship with God is destroyed. Penance can heal our relationship with God, but the emotional ties that go along with premarital sex can hurt a person for life. Many couples that have premarital sex often do not stay together in marriage. Many people have strong emotional hardships that they go through after having premarital sex. Premarital sex doesn’t just lead to sin ;it leads to a separation of God and your family and friends. Sex is the sacred sigh of the covenant with God, when a couple has sex they are sealing the covenant with God. Breaking this sign of the covenant is one of the most harmful sins that we as a people can expose ourselves to.

In order for us to enter into heaven God says “But among you there must not even be a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity…because these are improper for God’s holy people.1” Breaking the sign of the covenant with God is breaking God’s law and going against everything God wants for us. God doesn’t ask much from us considering all that he has given us, he asks us only to follow his laws, in Jesus said, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.1” Premarital sex goes against God’s command and ruins our relationship with him. Since the time of Christ, Christians have thought premarital sex to be a sin. Ancient Christians use to believe that “marriage was a second rate choice but if one lacked self control, he had to take such a choice”2 The ancient Christians were saying that if someone couldn’t control themselves sexually without abstaining from sex until marriage then they were forced into marriage. Marriage was not looked upon as a good thing;so many Christians abstained from premarital sex in order not to marry. Early Christians also thought, “sex was something unclean, something vile, to be avoided.”2 This notion helped early Christians to abstain from premarital sex. The Churchmen of this time were very against premarital sex.

The thought “an early marriage were often looked upon as a sign of an evil, uncontrollable temperance”2 So premarital sex was looked at as evil, a pregnancy resulting from premarital sex forced couples to enter into marriage. As Christianity developed to present times, many beliefs have stayed the same. Today Christians still believe that premarital sex is a sin, but many who are not devout Christians are having premarital sex. People who do not have a religion and are atheist often feel that there is nothing wrong with premarital sex, since it is not a commandment for them they feel that there is no sin that accompanies premarital sex. Premarital sex is becoming more accepted in our society. Many schools hand out condoms to students to keep them protected from the diseases that accompany premarital sex. Many counseling centers have been set up to help unmarried mothers. Although many people still think that premarital sex is a sin, it is more widely accepted as being ok. Teens everywhere are educated on sex, in schools across the country.

“Religiosity among young American women declined between 1971 and 1976.”3 Showing that due to a decrease in religion, premarital sex statistics have been on the rise. However, children who are raised from good families are often the ones who abstain from premarital sex. “The decline of religiosity, while evident at either the low or high end of the family stability scale was least among young women from “ideal” ;families.”3 Families who are considered ideal often have children who are more involved in their religion. Many families that are not structured correctly have problems with their children having premarital sex. Premarital sex often leads to many family problems that the Catholic Church must get involved in. The Church often helps the families that are created from premarital sex. “Early childbearing is disadvantageous to the teenager, parents, and involves high social and economic costs for individuals in society.”4 Many families have to put up unwanted children for adoption because of money issues. Those who do not put their children up for adoption often have a separation between the mother and father of the child. The government supports children that are born from premarital sex with programs such as WICK and Welfare.

These government agencies provide basic needs for the children until a certain age when nutrients and vitamins are not as important. With programs such as these in effects, young teens feel that it is more acceptable to have premarital sex because they know that the government will support the child. Many Catholics fear premarital sex due to the consequences that it brings. Since premarital sex is looked down upon by the Church as a sin, many Catholics fear going to hell for this sin. It is said, “If Christ was soon to return to the earth, and all men should spend their time contemplating God and cleansing their souls rather than enjoying sexual pleasures”2 Christians feel that if Christ was coming that people should repent for their sins and prepare for Christ’s coming. Since we know that Christ is coming we should abstains from sex and live the life a good Christian. Penance does take away our sins, but if we do not know when Jesus is coming we must stay free from sin in order to get into heaven.

People should not abstain from premarital sex due to fear though, they abstain because they love God and they love themselves, they should honor their bodies and the law of God and abstain from premarital sex for good reasons. The reason that premarital sex is a sin is because it disobeys God’s commandment. God wanted to make a covenant between a man and women that would be more powerful then any other covenant. This covenant would be known as marriage, the sacred bonding of two people into one. Each covenant that God made is very sacred and they all have signs in order to show the sacrament. The sign of the sacrament of marriage is sexual intercourse.

This means that if a couple that is unmarried has sex, they are taking place in a sacred sacrament called marriage. Even though they are not seen as a married couple in the eyes of the Law they are seen as married by the Church. Having sex completes the covenant ;the couple is married and is part of the covenant with God after performing sexual intercourse with the partner. When a couple performs sexual intercourse, they have entered into a covenant with God that they can never break. So if you have premarital sex and then marry another person and have sex with them, you are cheating on your first lover, who you are still in a covenant with. Premarital sex is a serious moral issue confronting college students. Sexual temptations do exist in high school, but once in college, students are more cut off from familial restrictions and parish supports. They are confronted with peer pressure such as “everyone is doing it,” and are exposed

Premarital sex is a huge problem in society today. People everywhere are not waiting until they get married to have sex. People having sex today are not aware of the consequences that come with having sex. They just think it is fun and there are nothing other than fun comes with having sex.

Some people tend to have a lot of sex. They say they do it for the satisfaction. They believe sex is fun. It is perceived to be a great thing from the time one is young. Going to elementary school kids always talked about the day they were going to have sex. They looked forward to it. Where they got the idea that sex was such a great thing is a question that one must ask? The movies, maybe. The magazines that one sees when digging through the drawers of an older brother, uncle or ones father. Sex is all over society. You can not watch cable television without seeing people kissing intimately, or even having sex. Just because cable does not show full nudity does not make it any better to let an eight year old child watch a television show full of sex.

In today’s society women are not held to that same standard as men are when it comes to having sex.

Now that the reasons people are having sex has been somewhat discussed and is out of the way, let us discuss the consequences that come with having sex, such as A.I.D.S. This is a deadly virus that kills ones immune system. A person never dies from the actual virus. They die from the diseases that they would not have otherwise contracted if they still had a strong immune system. The immune system doesn’t die slowly either it take at least five years for the immune system to eventually give out. A person can die from a simple cold if they have contracted the A.I.D.S virus.

They cold starts of as a normal one does but it just keeps getting worse and worse. People suffer before they die from this disease. This disease has been responsible for killing millions of people. The way this virus is contracted is through exchange of bodily fluids. Sex is the number one way this virus is spread. What people are not realizing is this disease is deadly and by having premarital sex and not being monogamous they too can contract this disease. People are very aware that this disease is out there but they do not understand that it can affect them.

There are lots of other diseases out there other than A.I.D.S that are caused by having sex. Most other sexually transmitted diseases are deadly but they are curable if found before they cause your body damage. Let’s not forget how painful these diseases are. All I can say when I think of contracting something as painful as a disease as painful as these have been described is ouch! Why would someone even want to take the chance of contracting one of these horrible diseases? There is a very simple solution if one would want to avoid contracting one of these horrible diseases. It’s just as easy as not having sex.

Let’s not forget how bad a reputation could be damaged if people found out that a person had a sexually transmitted disease. They would be laughed at and ridiculed. People would think that a person was dirty if they knew they had diseases. What kind of feeling would a person have knowing that they have a disease that they have contracted through sexual intercourse

Premarital Sex Premarital sex, an act that is practiced excessively in the world today, is not all that it is caught up to be. It definitely has more side effects than benefits. Premarital sex is an action that causes one’s emotional, social, spiritual and physical being to become corrupted. The regretful effects are widespread and can alter one’s life forever. The emotional results of premarital sex can lead to psychological damage. This includes confusion that can cause one to question his own self worth. A person may also become depressed and regretful. Premarital sex is not something that happens and is quickly forgotten but can be something that haunts a person forever. Virginity is a gift from God and once it is given away, it can never be returned. The realization of this fact alone can bring emotional damage. Sex before marriage can also cause social problems.

Many times these acts are not kept silent, therefore ;reputations are degraded. When the news gets around, the outcome usually consists of others gossiping and judging. This can ruin a person’s reputation and cause others to loose respect for that person. Our reputations are usually very important to us, and premarital sex is only going to result in the injury of that reputation. Other prominent disadvantages of premarital sex, are those that affect the physical body. Pregnancy is an unfavorable, physical consequence of sex before marriage. Internet statistics show that ten percent of all fifteen to nineteen year old females become pregnant each year. Sexually transmitted diseases are another physical effect of premarital sex. Approximately three million cases of STD’s are reported among teens every year. Becoming pregnant before marriage and contracting sexually transmitted diseases are disturbing to the physical well being of a person. Obviously premarital sex does more damage than good

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