Personal Narrative Essay

“Don’t Blink”

Four hundred and eighty three people, stuck together like glue for the past four years. We all felt as if the day would never come, like seeing it cloud up but never getting any rain, like getting snow on the ground and no snow day. What some people complained about and dreaded going to was something I had grown to enjoy and tend to miss now. After spending four short years in the same routine, going to the same place, seeing my same close friends every day I really learned to enjoy what is happening because it seems like it is there and gone.

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Personal Narrative Essay
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To me it was really one of those things you could say “don’t blink because you might miss it.”

My first day of high school wasn’t one of those days that hit me as being scary. Although there were many new people, a much bigger building, and only a few friends you could talk to from junior high.

For some reason you just really feel a jump in your ego when you walk through those doors. Trying to find a new class room in five minutes was about the hardest thing that day, although as mean as some of them looked, all you had to do was ask an upper classman and you would know right where to go.

I was able to make many new friends in high school. Some of them lasting a couple weeks, some maybe through that year, and a few that are still close friends today. Once in my sophomore year I realized that best friends do actually exist. After meeting him in football we started doing everything together. Having somebody to go to and talk with throughout high school was probably the biggest help of all.

The years seemed to be flying by, it felt as if the days couldn’t get any longer, but the year itself would be there and gone. My friends and I were growing closer and closer as the weeks went by joining clubs and playing sports just because one another were in them. After sophomore year we all started getting our licenses this was the coolest thing ever, we got the feeling of being free, cruising around together after school and on weekends.

Now, half way through the summer leading to our junior year, I had just turned 16. To me this was one of the biggest years of school. I had met some of the best people in my life that are still in it today. I was still hanging out with some really close friends, made another good friend that moved in by me, and found that high school sweet heart, well for that year at least.

Finally the big year for me, coming into my senior year and I was already beginning to think about all the friends I wasn’t going to see after that one short year was over. It was getting hard watching everybody pick out a college or university and knowing that we were all going to moving away way to soon. I had joined a work program to give me half days so that I could now afford to drive my truck. Only going to school for five hours a day was making the time really fly by. I was so ready to get through one thing this year though. For the past three years I had been to play with the school band for the upper classes, but finally it was my turn to hear the music.

May 20th, 2012. One of the most impacting days of my whole life. I was finally here, we made it. After a long morning of preparation, deciding on the right outfit and taking hundreds of pictures we were finally on our drive there. As our name cards were passed out we lined up next to our closes friends. The one major time I have felt this feeling, we came through a curtain and entered the biggest room I’ve ever seen packed full of cheering parents, finally it was here, graduation. It had come and gone so fast leading me through some of the best life lessons and bringing me to some of my best friends. It seemed like those few hours we were all cracking jokes and trying to laugh just to cover up our real emotions, at least I know I was, after entering this room I was really starting to realize how much I would miss all these people.

It came time for me to move away. With my parents and best friend by my side to support me and help me off to college I was finally on my way. High school was now gone and college was here to offer its eye opener, much more homework, many more papers, and much more effort required. It was time for
me to learn how to live on my own and support myself. I can’t say this has been one of the easiest tasks to overcome, just getting past the fact of being away from everyone I grew up with and all my close friends. I still talk to most of these people all though it will never be the same as going to school with them every day. All in that one day it was there and gone, I’m glad I didn’t blink because I just might have missed it.

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