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In the critical essay written by Samuel L. Serbanic, he pointed out and discussed the extended definition of the concept of home in the society. Vocabulary definition has the word “home” referring to the literal building of shelter for one individual or a family yet, in the conceptual usage particularly during an emotional discussion, the said word is now being used in reference to another meaning.

Thus, to initialize a better understanding and an interesting notion for the extended definition of the said word, Serbanic used the famous saying “Home is where the heart is” to give the readers an idea about the said topic.

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Peer Response Essay
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In Serbanic’s response essay example, the author clearly elaborated his requirements and criteria for the extended definition of the word “home”.

Through presenting his employed conceptualize requirements, the author has clearly established a fixed line of difference between the base definition and the extended meaning of the topic word. In addition, his strategy of presenting several examples to support his idea and his further elaborate his concept indeed prove to be very significant in the presentation of the response essay example.

Another commendable concept in Serbanic’s essay is his usage of contrasting examples to create the syllogism between the real and extended definition of the word home.

His example regarding the conception of the word “homeless” in the literal means and the characteristic of being homeless in the accordance to the extended definition has indeed elaborated the difference among the two. In addition, the author also employed the use of borderline to limit the realm of each definition as to not create an ambiguity in the essay’s topic. With these approaches, the entire response essay example has clearly elaborated the concept behind the extended definition of the word “home”.

In general, this peer response essay strongly commend the presentation used by author in presenting and explaining the real and extended definition of the term “home” basing from the aspect of its usage and its meaning. Through elaborating certain examples for each definition and the contrasting example to differentiate the two and relating the subject to the several cases, the essay produced a clear concept for each terminology giving the response essay example a persuasive nature about the relevance of understanding the extended definition of the word “home”.


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