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Jalal-ud-Din et al.,(2013) study conducted light effect on height of annuals seasonal flowers of both long day plant and short day plant grown in leaf manure. Two different procedure introduced to observed height of plant. When plants emerge true leaf then transplant into two experiment. First Long days plant shifted in short day light environment. These environment contained 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks periods. In annual flowers photo period control flowering time in long day and in short day plants.AS time interval increase with shade period up to 8 weeks ,height of plants reduced .

when flowers started then plant shifted to long day environment induction .For production of flower in all year around light intensity play significant role. Long day plant grown in shaded area produced more flowers, and similarly short day plant grown in high intensity light produced more flowers. In plant growth regular reduce vegetative growth of flowering plant, Application of Cycocel, Ancymidol and Paclobutrazol plant growth regulators effect plant height. Similarly annual long day seasonal flower placed in low intensity light reduced plant height.

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New Microsoft Word Document Essay
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Long day plant took 8 weeks to gain maximum vegetative height.

S. Castellano et al.,(2008) The construction of netted structure based on sun light position and structure covering system. Radiation of sun ray effect agriculture production and influence on specification of covering system which penetrate ray of the plant and control vegetative and reproductive phases of agricultural production. Wave length of net depend on material which will pass light refection through net especially human eye (380-760nm) wave length.

Ka Yeon Jeong et al., (2009) in Germplasm center observed growth of begonia under greenhouse effected by light intensity. In green house response of begonia species evaluated in different light intensities and best light intensity indicated that production of begonia species in shaded net improved quality and easy maintenance. For 12 weeks full light (1000 – 1800 ?mol·m-2·s-1) increased vegetative growth in begonia contained greenness in leaf and maximum number of flower. Light intensity effected seedling of begonia in green house. Vegetative growth decrease as shaded increased with time interval

Marek Jerzy et al, (2011) evaluated in Chrysanthemum cultivar grown in control room under different florescent lights. The light inflorescent control bud opening and post-harvest vase life of cut flower. In plastic tunnel wave length 400-580nm blue light opened bud earlier than other lights. In other light white and blue increased in bud observe. In blue florescent light flower bud head recorded more bigger than other lights. In red florescent light chrysanthemum produced smaller number of flower but its recorded earliest bud opening than other intensity of light. In Inflorescent light lamp, chrysanthemum show maximum post-harvest vase life as cut flower.

Abhay kumar Gaurav et al.(2016) Cordyline used as foliage ornamental shade loving plant contain green colour leafs. Experiment conducted on different bearing intensities colour net which pass through various wave length light. Light intensity control foliage development in cordyline. In shaded net cordyline gained good quality colour as well as maximum vegetative growth. Shape of foliage effected in different florescent light intensity. White net indicated best growth in cordyline.

Graziele C. Oliveira et al., (2016) experienced Light intensity in herbal succulent product recorded maximum growth level due to improvement in photosynthesis process. Lemon balm contained essential oil as well as medical uses. Lemon balm cultivated in control shade in pot for 4 months period. In shaded net lemon balm use maximum blue light intensity which increase photosynthesis in leaf as a result 168% leaf are increased and plant height improve to 116%,42% in chlorophyll contact and essential oil increased 30% as compare to normal plants than normal shaded net. In result blue light intensity used beneficial in commercial production of lemon balm.

Singh P. (2015) evaluated that floriculture industry green cut play special role in bouquet arrangements. In bouquet foliage used as filler to make aesthetic value in arrangements. Boston fern used as decorative in bouquet. In this protocol Boston fern showed different characters by using Farm yard manure, nitrogen, and shade. In fern plant density is vital role to increase attractiveness in arrangement. Fern show maximum growth in 75% shade net and bear maximum foliage. Application of nitrogen and FYM increase vegetative grow which show maximum plant density.

Michal Oren-Shamir et al,.(2001) evaluated Green cut play important role in bouquet arrangement for its attractiveness and increase vase life of cut flower. Quality and growth of greens depend upon its application. Pittosporum variegatum grown under different shade to evaluate colour development in vegetative growth. For vegetative growth adjusted net to sunlight (400-700nm) wavelength. In winter single layer used to penetrate light to the net and in summer installed double layers to reduce light intensity. As a result under Red net produce long stem plant with smaller leafs, gray net increase bushiness in plant, increase in lateral branches with small leaves. Under blue shade net plant reduce height and maintain drawfness. For commercial production in desirable trend shades net increase production of plants with its special.

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