Network Security and Type of Network Topology

Final Instructions Your company ABC Consulting Company is asked to provide a proposal for the upcoming company expansion. You will need to research and provide quotes for new computers, cabling, network security and type of network topology. A network proposal has to be developed for a manufacturing company that plans to move to a larger facility. They are currently in a 1500 square foot building. Below is the current office setup. • Reception – 1 computer and printer • CEO Office – 1 computer and printer • Accounting Office – 5 computers and 5 printers • Business Office – 3 computers and 3 printers • Human Resources – 2 printers and 2 printers • Sales Office – 10 computers and 10 printers They are moving to a 3500 square foot building with 3 floors and each floor will have switches and routers to accommodate that floor. Below are the proposed additions: • CEO Secretary – 1 computer and printer (CEO’s office area) • Chief Financial Officer – 1 computer and printer (Accounting Department) • Secretary – Chief Financial Officer – 1 computer and printer (Accounting Department) • Information Technology – 2 computers and 2 printers • Breakroom – 2 computers • Human Resources – 6 computers and 2 network printers • Sales – 6 computers and 2 network printers • Wireless network for employees and guests • Each department will have at least 2 empty offices for additional employees. Your proposal will need to include the following information: •

Determine the number of drops for the new facility (2 drops per office) • Determine the type of network cables (CAT5e, CAT6, etc.) • Determine the type of security for the network • Determine type of hardware and software Deliverables • Written proposal to the CEO include a timeline for completion • Cost analysis to include computers, servers and cabling (make, model quantities and cost) • Detailed diagram showing location of network devices and type of topology

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