Morning in Nagrebcan Essay

It is a pleasant sunrise in Nagreban. The puppy is curled up to their mother’s paws under the ladder house. Baldo notice a cute black-spotted puppy at the threshold, he rub his sleep-heavy eyes with his fists. He wore one of his father undershirts; he descended the ladder leaning heavily on the single bamboo pole that served as railing. Bending Down, he reached between his legs for the black spotted puppy and he started to relish the puppy.

And when he returns to their house his mother Nana Elang ask him to get three burning coals and bring them home on the rice straw, After a while his mother started to cook for their meal.

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Morning in Nagrebcan Essay
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Baldo played with the puppies. He sat on the bridge and took them to his lap one by one. Ambo his younger brother had awakened, he saw his brother Baldo in the bridge so he came and played with the other puppies, but he soon became tired of them.

He wanted the black-spotted puppy , so he come closer to Baldo and he try to begged to be allowed to hold the black -spotted puppy but Baldo didn’t allowed him to touch the puppy.

Because of this Ambo tried to snatch the puppy away that cause them to fight , The puppy howled shrilly and Ambo had to let go of it , but Ambo kept hold of the tail and the dog fell the ground , it turn aroud and snapped at the hand holding its tail its sharp teeth sank to the fleshy edge of Ambos’ palm. At the moment the window of the house facing the street was pushed violently open the boy’s father tang Ciako, poked out his head. He saw the blood from the tooth marks on ambo’s hand , ambo hid his bitten hand behind him. Tang ciako approached, a piece of firewood held firmly in one hand.

His father throwing an angry look and curse at Nana Elang for letting her sons play with the dogs, He was a carpenter Now and then he drank great quantities of basi and came home at night and beat his wife and children. And as expected he hurt again his family , if Nanang Elang ventured to remonstrate , he beat them harder and cursed her for an interfering whore. Tang ciako roared at them to get away from the dog , Baldo and Ambo move back hastily like their father says , The puppy attempted to follow them, but tang ciako caught it with a sweeping blow of peace of firewood. The puppy died.

Tang ciako took hold on Baldo arms ang jerked him his feet then began to beat him , Nana elang came down , ambo run to her , and tang ciako pushed Baldo toward her. He face the curios children and neighbors who had gathered by the side of the road , he yelled at them to go away its none of their business if he kill his children. After ward baldo an ambo searched among the tall corn for the body of the dead puppy . when they found it , they buried it in one corner of the field . Baldo dug the grave sharp pointed stake and Ambo holding the dead puppy. The mist on the tabacoo fields had completely dissolved.

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