Los Vendidos Essay

Los Vendidos means the sell-outs. All the characters in the play sold-out at some point during the play. The characters sold out both their races and their way of life. I would say that the person who sold out the most was the Mexican-American because he sold-out both his Mexican, his American heritage and way of life. He wanted to be perfect, so when he found that the Americans and the Mexicans had their flaws he sold them out. He now has to search for a new and perfect race to identify with.

(He will be searching for a while.

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Los Vendidos Essay
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) <br><br>The Mexican- American sold out his Mexican Heritage when he said, “The problems of the Mexicans stem from one thing alone he’s stupid, he is under-educated, he needs to stay in school. He needs to be ambitious and be forward looking, most important he needs to think American” (Page 382). In his statement he is only finding the bad of his people and stating it for the entire room to hear.

He shows great disrespect for the Mexican heritage by saying all that is wrong with them. He shows their flaws, weaknesses, and imperfections.

I believe your heritage makes up who you are and that is you, so you should never disrespect yourself by disrespecting your heritage. I believe thee way he sold-out was by disrespecting his heritage. the Mexican- American is still trying to decide weather he is going to live Mexican or American. When the Mexican-American says, “The only thing I don’t like is how come I always got to play the goddamn Mexican-American”(Page-384). You are unsure by this statement weather he is selling-out his Mexican or his American lifestyle. You know he wants to perfect because of his attitude toward playing the part of the Mexican-American.

<br><br>The Mexican American doesn’t know where he wants to go in life I guess this proves no matter how old you are or how much of an education you have you sell people out and walk all over them. Even if it is a person you know or need all that does not madder if you are a sell-out. You will hurt people to get what you want for yourself. The Mexican American is soon going to find he will never find perfection and he will be lost with no friends because of all the people he sold-out. The Mexican- American and his buddies need to set goal or all they will have to talk about is being sell-out with no friends.

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