Julius Caesar Questions and Answers Essay

1. What hope of Octavius and Antony is answered? What does this say about Brutus? B and C have come to Philippi and their hopes have been answered. Also, they are coming down the valley — not taking the high ground. It implies B made a poor choice leaving Sardis.

2. What does Cassius mean by the following statement?”Flatterers! Now, Brutus, thank yourself;/This tongue had not offended so today,/If Cassius might have ruled. After receiving insults from A and O, Cassius bitterly reminds B that he had suggested killing Antony.

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Julius Caesar Questions and Answers Essay
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Instead, he is alive to both insult them and fight them.

3. What ominous/big and bad sign has Cassius seen that causes him to fear the coming battle? When in Sardis, eagles were resting on the ensign and feeding out of the soldiers hands. (Good sign). When they traveled to Philippi, the eagles took off and were replaced by birds o’ death (Raven, vultures, etc…). A very bad sign. However, as B and C prepare for battles and say goodbye, they appear eager to fight.

4. What does Brutus say he will do if they lose the battle? Why is he reluctant to do this? While he thinks suicide is cowardly and vile, he also says he will not be captured alive as a captive (implying he will kill himself if necessary).

Act V, scene iii.

5. What horrible mistake does Cassius make? What is the outcome of this mistake? A bit of cause and effect here. Cassius kills himself because he misconstrues the situation. He believes his best friend, Titinius, has been captured and killed by the enemy. He makes Pindarus, who is relaying what is happening to C, come down from the hill too quickly. As a result of this action and his hasty judgment, he kills himself with the reluctant aid of his slave, Pindarus.

6. What is Titinius’s reaction to Cassius’s actions?

He blames himself fro Cassius’s death and offs himself with Cassius sword.

7. What is Brutus’s response to Cassius’s and Titinius’s actions? He is very saddened and proclaims them to be the last true Romans. He proclaims he will have time for tears later but removed the bodies to Thasos so as not to hurt the morale of the remaining troops. Act V, scene iv.

8. What role does Lucilius take upon himself? What was Antony’s response to his masquerade? He pretends to be Brutus in order to draw attention, and perhaps death, to himself. It is a noble act. Antony is very impressed and orders him to be treated well as such men are valuable and to be admired.

Act V, scene v.

9. What request does Brutus make of Clitus? What is his response? To change his name. He finds it very distracting….. No, actually he asks for his help in committing suicide. Clitus refuses.

10. What does Brutus ask Volumnius to do? What reasons does he give? What is Volumnius’s response? Same thing as above. He reminds Voluminus of their time in school together. V-man says that isn’t something you ask a friend to do. Brutus is shot down again.

11. What does Strato do for Brutus? What does Strato ask Brutus to do first? Why? Strato agrees but first wants to shake his hand out of respect. He holds out his sword and Brutus runs on to it.

12. What overture of peace does Octavius make to Brutus’s men? He offers to absorb Brutus’s men into his own army. A unusual sign of respect and compassion.

13. How do Antony and Octavius honor Brutus?

Antony praises his as “the noblest Roman of them all.” Only Brutus did what he did for the good of Rome. Octavius gives Brutus and honorable burial as a true Roman. Unlike the rest of the conspirators, Brutus is a respected and admired figure even by his enemies.

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