Is Junk Food Really Cheaper Essay

Junk food is just to provide some of the heat to people’s body, there is no other food nutrients, or to provide more than the body needs, become superfluous ingredients. Including frozen desserts, biscuits, ham, and canned. Sometime, I was thinking why people like to eat junk food. Many people like eating junk food, because they think it is not only so delicious, but also cheap. Tardily, eating junk food becomes a culture, and it also is a very important problem at this era.

Like Mark Bittman said people eat a lot of junk food which had obesity. Thus, the nutrition in people’s body cannot balance. Actually, I agree with Bittman that junk food is not cheaper than real food and cooking should be a culture, but eating junk food is still a culture, and eating right amount of junk food is feasible. Although junk food is not health and cheap, like Bittman said, but I think junk food also is very convenient and appetitive.

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Is Junk Food Really Cheaper Essay
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Since the fast food by the people’s “favorite”, it certainly has its benefits; otherwise it cannot become a mainstream food culture. First, when people feel hungry, and they do not have time to cook, when you order at the general restaurant, teahouse, people usually need to wait for some time to have a food supply.

Thus, it is not easy to satisfy people. Second, junk food usually uses the high cooking method which has the good color, flavor and taste, such as frying and high concentration of ingredients; those can stimulate people’s appetite. People who is weekday rush and poor appetite is very suitable to eat junk food. Many parents are worried about their children eating problem that most children don’t like eating real food. Eating junk food is a way to solve this problem. Same as “IS JUNK FOOD REALLY CHEAPER?” said, cooking is very good way, it is very health and cheap. Like Bittman said “the fact is that most people can afford real food”, people can buy some food to cook no matter how poor. And buying food is more convenient than before, such as “ IS JUNK FOOD REALLY CHEAPER” this article said “the Department of Agriculture says that more than two million Americans in low-income rural areas live 10 miles or more from a supermarket, and more than five million households without access to cars live more than a half mile from a supermarket.”

Before I go grocery shopping with my mother, we bought a dozen vegetables, it took less than 50RMB. Cooking is not only cheap but also very health. Every day we do the different kind of dishes, so daily nutrition is also different. And it do not have many unhealthy ingredients inside. Therefore, people’s nutrition can be balanced if people are cooking every day. Cooking being a culture is very important, people should use more times to cook and enjoy cooking. Eating junk food already becomes a culture, and cooking might become a culture too, especially cooking is cheaper and healthier than eating junk food. People should cultivate the good habit which is cooking every day. Like Bittman said that cooking shouldn’t is defined as work, and fast food shouldn’t is both a pleasure and a crutch. Cooking should be a very happy thing.

When you finish cooking a delicious dish, do not you think this is a great sense of accomplishment? Cooking like a game, Enjoy the process and the result is a very pleasant thing. Enjoy cooking is the main paint of how cooking becomes a culture. In a work, people should use more times to enjoy cooking, and you will fell in love with cooking. In short, Bittman has a very good idea which is cooking is better than eating junk food; nevertheless, I think eating junk food also is good at the one side. Whatever people eat junk food or not, people should have a good eating habit. In my opinion, the reason why he wrote “IS JUNK FOOD REALLY CHEAPER” this article, because he want people to care about their own body. I hope cooking could be a culture; it is help people’s body.

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