Interpersonal Communication Essays

BOTH OF THE WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS must be typed double-spaced with a page margin of at least 1 inch for all margins and using Times New Roman 12 point font. You don’t need a title page, but the first page should have your name, the course, and the date and pages must be stapled.

(1) Self-Analysis Written Assignment – (75 pts for the total assignment) You will copy off of Moodle a personality survey that you will take concerning how you see yourself; you will also make at least 2 more copies and ask at least 2 friends or relatives or coworkers, etc. to evaluate your personality as well. [It may work better for you if you have 3 other people do it, but only 2 are required]. Have them do it privately – don’t coach or affect their answers in any manner. Then, in a 500 word essay, compare the image that you have of yourself with the images that they portray. Discuss the areas in which the others agree with you (did any surprise you, for example); the areas in which they disagree (can you see their point? Do you strongly disagree with any characterizations?); the areas in which the other evaluators disagree with each other (can you see why one sees you one way while another sees you another way?). You don’t have to discuss every personality trait, but you

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Interpersonal Communication Essays
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should emphasize the ones that say the most about how you see yourself and how others see you. Samples of past students’ work will be available on Moodle as samples.

(2) Journal – (10 paragraphs – 50 pts) Starting today (if possible) begin making notes about interpersonal communication mistakes or successes that you observe around you (and possibly ones that you make). Eventually you must type a paragraph explaining the situation and what mistakes or effective strategies were used. You must have 10 good paragraphs by the end of the semester and give each paragraph a title like “Not Really Listening” or “Angry Words.” A proper paragraph generally has a topic sentence, at least 2 supporting sentences, a concluding sentence [what was the mistake or what did you learn from the incident, etc. and at least 40 words total). Think about misperceptions, emotions, language confusion, tone of voice or attitude helping or hurting a situation, poor listening, relationship problems, interpersonal conflicts, etc. – everything we study in this class. Remember that you can also TELL these stories at the appropriate time in class (a listening mistake while discussing the listening chapter) and get participation points from the same incident. If for some reason you and your friends never make communication mistakes (?), I will give you some communication-related quotations that you can respond to in your journal.

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