Impact of Mother-Son Relationship Essay

In the advent of single-parenthood within the nation and along with the controversial emergence of the reproductive health bill as a major feature of the year 2008, an attempt to look into the increasing concern on the population increase serves as the starting point for this study. The researches felt the need to conduct further study on the said domain, specifically focusing on the development of the sons who were raised by single mothers.

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Impact of Mother-Son Relationship Essay
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The general objective of the current study is to find out the impact of mother-son relationship in the formation of social-psychological attributes by males raised by single mothers. Respondents of the study were composed of 30 males coming from the provinces of Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, and Bacolod City, whose age ranged from 13-36, and those who were raised by single mothers. Results rendered that males raised by single mothers perceived an ideal mother as someone who is caring, understanding, and loving, and an ideal father as someone who is responsible or a good provider, wise, and loving and caring.

Being raised in an atypical family type, males coming from single-parent family viewed an ideal family as intact, happy, full of love and care. The advantages of being raised by single mothers included being well taken-cared of, maturing early, and learning to be independent, while the lack of a male figure, financial deficiency, and the feeling of insecurity were on top of the list for the disadvantages of being in a single-parent family. Asking help from friends and relatives, doing nothing about the situation and self-reflection were some of the coping mechanisms of these males.

Attitude toward marriage (x=3. 48) and levels of self-esteem (x=3. 95) were positively correlated to the level of self-disclosure of males raised by single mothers. This means that males who feel comfortable to disclose any information about themselves towards their mothers are most likely to have a positive outlook toward marriage and are more likely to develop a higher level of self-esteem compared to those who keep their thoughts to themselves.

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