Ideal Society Essay

What does one think of when discussing the topic of an “ideal society”? Throughout history, mankind has struggled to improve society for future generations. Every person has his/her own views on what an ideal society should be like. Society is defined as “a body of individuals living as members of a community”. Many scholars and well-known authors such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Thomas More express those ideas through public speaking. Although those ideas are just one person’s opinion, others believe in the power of God and the belief that he created the world.

This, in turn, developed societies amongst the people.

Society is built upon individuals expressing their own beliefs and their opinions and putting them into action. The real question is how we, as individuals, take those thoughts, and utilize them to the best of our ability in our everyday lives. Realistically, an ideal society will only work if the ideals are upheld within each individual in the society.

An ideal society has been talked of as a “Utopia”. It is one of the common dreams of man. It is a topic that has no such notion of a perfect explanation. There are many different perceptions from each person in today’s world.

What are people continuously trying to improve? I feel that one aspect of an ideal society would be where we all are treated equally. People of different race, sex, gender, disability, etc… would not be stigmatized by the rest of society as most are today. However, one’s talent could not be disregarded. In so many communist societies, their plans for an equal society had always failed. These societies failed to take notice of the talents in individuals and could not tolerate the people who outgrew their society. Society should provide more opportunities to a person with talent.

Therefore, would “equality” still be able to hold true for all persons? I think not in this case. When talking about justice, what should really be considered? Justice can mean a multitude of different things to different people and societies. The concept of justice has always been closely tied to the idea of fairness. It has also always been associated with the idea of rationality. Everyone wants to live in a society that is fair. When a case goes before the Supreme Court, the judges (or justices) are expected to rationally deliberate long and hard about the fairest course of action.

An ideal society should definitely have justice just as our society does today. Issues that could arise should be dealt with in the fairest way possible. The individuals making the decisions should be rationale about their planned course of action. Actions should not be taken based off of a biased view of something but rather an unbiased view. Freedom is another big concept that should not be ignored when thinking of an ideal society. It is considered to be the greatest human value. The more degree of freedom one has, the more one can realize his/her true potentials.

If an individual is told they can’t do this or they can’t do that by another person than that other person is limiting the individual’s freedom. Each person should be allowed freedom but freedom must be regulated to a certain extreme. This is because freedom does not and cannot mean freedom to harm, exploit, or kill someone or something. Due to the fact that freedom should be regulated in an ideal society, this brings up the concept of governance and laws. There still remain people who may try to take away the freedoms of others if given a free hand.

Individuals should have the highest possible freedom available but they still must follow the laws set forth by a government. Without these laws in place, there would be no order. If someone breaks a law, they must go before the governing body to determine the fairest way to handle the breaking of the law. An ideal society should not have to be one that does not have rules or laws and everyone runs around doing whatever they please. Public interest is the nature of a government itself. It refers to the general welfare of a society.

In an ideal society, the attention of the people would actually have a large impact on governing ideas. This is supposed to hold true in today’s society but most people have a large speculation about it. A society’s interests should be considered when running a government. It is these individuals one is looking out for. A governing body must consider what is in a society’s best interests and what needs to be done to ensure their general welfare. This includes making sure they are not in harm’s way. A government will protect its society in any way possible.

There are many components that could play into creating an ideal society. The ones mention above are just a few. Undoubtedly religion would play some role in the theory of an ideal society and the people’s lives of the society. Government and the components that go into an effective government are also key elements. Another thing that one may look at would be healthcare. However, what components I think should go into an ideal society may differ from those of another person. Every person has his/her own views and ideas concerning this concept. There is no universal right or wrong in this case, there is only what you believe.

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