I Believe in Love Essay

Love is a refuge that without it nothing can exist. Without the love of God the world wouldn’t have life. Without the passion of two lovers no child would be brought in to the cycle of life. Ignorant people under the guise of social acceptance have removed love from their lives, and have torn themselves apart morally. But I believe love heals all, love never fails, and love knows all.

If there’s one thing to learn about the many genres of love it’s this.

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I Believe in Love Essay
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It is instinctual to give comfort to those who don’t want it, and to push comfort away when it’s given.

My father was beside himself as he looked at the charred remains of his truck. He was utterly shocked that the fire didn’t spread at all, but just stayed on the truck. A memory of being in that truck, driving all over Oklahoma, crosses his mind. Thoughts of how I thought I would die in an accident truck by driving it cross my mind.

He was stunned to say the least about the incident, and no one could get through to him that we were there for him. My father started to bounce back after a few hours. You could even find a tiny smile on his mouth. My family and I kept our guards and when he was finally ready to accept it, our love was still right there to support him. Love doesn’t give up, so we didn’t either.

Another lesson that I’ve witnessed is that no one takes love serious anymore. About ten percent of just the U.S. is divorced, and most of those are 20-24 year olds. There is lust at first sight, but no love. We humans notice symmetry and strong biological traits, and automatically want to mate and carry on those traits as well as ours. But there are all these naive, young, kids who think that lust will carry them to happiness. Then they find themselves in court for a year getting a divorce. Lust will always fail, but love won’t.

“Love and Hate are simply the fraternal twin offspring of Passion.” A quote I wrote myself. Everything on God’s green Earth is a love story because love is passion and so is hate. Love and Hate are two completely different emotions that do the same damage. Who knows about what the day’s conversation vocabulary will bring? We all tell such passionate, moving tales of angst that that is all we know anymore. We may not know what our actions will bring, but love does.

After crisis and after victory there is a bond between those who fought to the end, and that bond is love. There are countless quotes all trying in vain to define love in all its nebulous wonders. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 defines love the best saying, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…It always…perseveres.” Love heals all, love never fails, and love knows all.

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