How women feel after abortion

This is the draft of my paper. I need 5 more pages (6 including updated citations). Some comments from my professor about the things in my paper that need to be fixed “First, the basics: the works cited page should be alphabetized by the first word of the entry, and the parenthetical (in-text) documentation should only contain the first word of the cite, and the page number if there is one. The citations on the words cited page are also incomplete. Please go back and review the class on citations and citation formats. In the first sentence, you have two citations. Roe v. Wade and what it meant is common knowledge. I think anyone you walked up to on the street knows what it is and what it meant. Therefore, there was no need for any citations, never mind two. Use “women” not “ladies.” It’s too informal and really not used much anymore. Also, to say “this paper will examine how women feel etc etc” is not the proper format for a research paper. You have to present a controversy and then take a stand on that controversy in the very first paragraph, or, at most, first two paragraphs. This is a very interesting topic, and you write about it well and your research is good, but you have to refocus it right from the start. What is the issue? What is the question or the controversy? And what answer has my research led me to?”

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How women feel after abortion
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