His Promised Land Essay

Students will write a 4 or more page analytical review essay based on your reading of His Promised Land. Use regular font (Times New Roman 12) and regular margins (1 inch) and double-space your essay. Your essay needs to demonstrate that you have read and thought about the book. Make sure that you use specific examples in your essay.

Analyze and summarize the book. In the course of your analysis, consider the following (note that it does not have to be in this order):

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His Promised Land Essay
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• What events in John Parker’s life shaped the man he became?
• What did you learn about the institution of slavery from Parker’s account?
• How did Parker gain his freedom?
• What characteristics did he possess that led to his freedom and his active involvement on the Underground Railroad?
• What role did Parker play on the Underground Railroad?
• What were some of the methods that Parker used as a conductor on the Underground Railroad?
• What risks did Parker take to help fugitive slaves obtain their freedom?
• What specific aspect of the book affected you the most and why?
• What are your thoughts on the life of John Parker? Why is he significant?
• Did you enjoy the book? Explain.

If you use any quotations from the book, place them in quotation marks, and at the end of the quotation, put the page number of the quote in parentheses.

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