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? (, 2019)

This final essay will analyze the Academy Award nominee Viggo

Mortensen and Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali star in Green

Book. This classy, Inspirational filmmaking comes from the

director and co-writer Peter Farrelly, This film is inspired by

a true friendship that transcended race, class and the 1962

Mason-Dixon line. Set against the scene of a country grappling

with the heroism and flickery of the Civil Rights Movement.

2 men

will be tackled with racism, anger, generosity, kindness and

their own distinctive senses of humour. Together, They will

challenge the long-held assumptions, Push past their seemingly

Insuperable variations and embrace their shared humanity. This

is the real story of a 1962 road trip taken from the Bronx by

famous black jazz pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) and his

white, naive, desire and dose driver guard Tony “Lip” Vallelonga

(Viggo Mortensen). The open racial intolerance pictured within

the film reflects a time not so long ago.

Green Book offers a

worthy message concerning the importance of getting a fellow

feeling for those who are outside of your immediate cultural

sphere, No matter their race, sexuality or faith. This excellent

piece of work clearly shows that racism is bad and friendship is


Green Book won four Oscars at the 2019 Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali), Best Original Screenplay.

?(, 2019)

The main casting of this feels good movie includes Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini, Sebastian Maniscalco, Dimiter D. Marinov, and P.J. Byrne. Green Book is produced by Jim Burke (The Descendants), Charles B. Wessler (The Heartbreak Kid) alongside Farrelly’s fellow writers, Brian Currie, and Nick Vallelonga, and Farrelly. The drama is executive produced by Participant’s Jeff Skoll (The Help) and Jonathan King (Lincoln), along with Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station) and Kwame L. Parker (Kill Bill series), as well as Cinetic Media’s John Sloss (Boyhood) and Steven Farneth. Linda Cardellini (Brokeback Mountain, The Founder) co-stars ?(Universal Pictures, 2019)?.

The backstory of this movie is quite interesting as it is a story passed on from a father to his beloved son.Nick vallelonga,Co-writer of? ?Green Book? ?was the eldest son of Tony Vallelonga. He grew up hearing this beautiful story about his father’s expedition with Don Shirley.? ?“This was a story I had on my mind basically my whole life from the time I was a young kid” (Cinema Buzz, 2019) ? ?says Vallelonga an actor, writer, producer, and director whose filmmaking credits include Deadfall, Stiletto, and the award-winning indie Western Yellow Rock and Unorganized Crime.

For Green Book, Farrelly wanted his period drama to have a look

unlike any of his previous films. Sean Porter, whose credits

include 20th Century Women and Green Room used a tobacco-filter

lens in most of the scenes to give the film a warm burnished

tone across a palette that ranged from cool monochromatic to

spring-hued pastels. On Green Book that meant shooting the

abundant car scenes practically rather than the vacuum of sound

stage. It meant covering scenes in the simplest way possible to

tell the story. Limiting the film’s palette to the hues capable

of being produced by era’s light sources (Mulcahey et al.,


In a racial flip of “Driving Miss Daisy,” nearly 30 years after that film won a handful of Oscars including best picture “?Green Book”? features a white man serving as a chauffeur,valet,muscle, and all around problem solver to a black man. It depicts a powerful message about overcoming prejudice.

The title of this movie “?Green Book?” comes from the travel guide for African-Americans published from 1936 to 1967 that listed safe hotels and restaurants in the segregated South.


In early-1960s in an openly and legally segregated America, Tony

“Tony Lip” Vallelonga a doorman and bouncer at the Copacabana

nightclub, who is an Italian-American lives in the neighbourhood

of Bronx, New York City. He’s known as Tony Lip because he’s an

amazing “bullshitter” He does what he has to put food on his

family’s table. In an early scene, Tony conjointly reveals

himself to be an unthinking racist. Once 2 black workmen leave

his room, He picks up the water glasses they have drunk from and

tosses them into the bin. Green Book is sometimes as unaware as

Tony staggering into the stereotypes.When the club closes for a

couple of months due to its renovations Tony was out of his

work. He and his wife, Dolores (Linda Cardellini), we’re having

trouble making the rent and keeping a roof over their two kids

home. After a few days, an old contact gets him an interview to

be a driver for a doctor, Dr Don Shirley. He’s not a medical

doctor but a concert pianist. He’s doing a concert tour going

from the Midwest into the deep south and he needs a trustworthy driver. For his driver’s job, he asked around specifically for someone who could handle trouble because he knew that there’s going to be racism against him. The tour is going to be two months long which ends right before Christmas. He asks Tony if he can be away from his family that long and for the need of money Tony agrees for the job.Don calls Tony’s house and asked Dolores if she’s okay with her husband being gone for long time. once she agrees, he offers Tony the job of his driver/protector. Dolores asks Tony to jot down letters for her during the trip. The company rents Tony a pleasant vintage car and offers him half the money up front and tells him he’ll get half at the end of the tour. But if Don misses a show he won’t get the money. They additionally offer him the “Green Book” a traveller guide for black individuals to remain within the sequestered Jim Crow southern states. They begin their tour within the midwest before eventually heading further south. Tony and Don clash over their differences during the trip, As Tony feels uncomfortable being asked to act properly by the Don. Whereas Don is displeased by Tony’s habits. Regardless, Tony finds himself impressed with Don’s talent on the piano. The relationship that develops between Don and Tony becomes a collision of, and personal education in previously established racial inclinations and class ideology.?(IMDb, 2019)

Tony drives Don with a puffed-out sense of pride and unashamed

hedonism. In the car, Tony plays contemporary music on the radio

and is shocked when Don doesn’t know popular music like Aretha

Franklin. He even questions if Don is even black and when he

drives by a Kentucky Fried Chicken and finds out Don has never

had fried chicken he stops. He playfully forces Dr Shirley to

try the chicken. Tony works on his letters for Dolores and

they’re terrible. So Don helps him make them more poetic and

beautiful. At a later stop, Tony finds a gemstone that’s being

sold on the ground and pockets it. But Don forces him to put it

back saying it’s stealing even though Tony disagrees.Don Shirley

speaks several languages, has advanced degrees and sells his

exceptional talent short by playing a crowd-pleasing mixture of

classically-infused pop. He’s extraordinary by any measure,

however, the screenplay solely hints at the layers of his

character, skittishly racing past a scene that reveals he’s

gay.Dr Don Shirley was a real gentleman throughout the movie and

people respected him due to his extraordinary talent in music.

Still, we are able to see harsh racism towards him throughout

the second half of the movie. During a concert venue at a

Southern mansion, the host was very friendly to Don. For dinner,

they prepared fried chicken for him. During the interval, Don

asks to use the toilet and the host directed him to the outhouse

not permitting him to use the inside toilet. Don refuses to use

the outhouse. So Tony drives him back to his hotel simply to use

the toilet. When Don and Tony were walking down the street they

saw a suit store and Don admires a suit form the suit collection

through the window. Tony insisted him to buy the beautiful suit

which Don liked. When they entered the shop, the racist staff

refuse to sell Don a suit. It is very clear that the Green Book

depicts a wide range of racist attitudes that were dominant in

American life during the early and mid-20th century.On the way

to Raleigh, North Carolina, Tony is touched by the look on his

boss face once they stop the car to observe black labourers

picking up cotton from the cotton plant. Looking back they see

the doubly surprised expressions on the faces of the youngsters

who have not seen a black man in a blue suit and a cravat.Beyond

the adorable relationship that develops between the racially and

culturally mismatched Don and Tony, The wedding

?(Green Book | Movie & Cast Pictures | November 16, 2018, 2019)

between Tony and Dolores imbues Green Book with a romantic

subplot. Tongue-tied within the letters demanded by his wife,

Tony scribbles misspelt accounts of his diet and experiences on

the road until Don insists on serving to him. Don dictates

ornate and poetic language for Tony’s letters and also the

cutaways to Dolores and her feminine friends lightheaded or

teary over the prose lend a charming undercurrent. Collectively

would possibly expect, Farrelly keeps the tone of green Book

rather light-weight no matter many ugly moments of racist

behaviour.During the final concert venue at another hotel of

their musical expedition, Where Don is shown to a tiny room that

they refer to as his dressing room. Tony then goes to eat in the

dining room with the players of his band. When Don arrives to

join then the hotel manager refuses to let him eat there. Don

refuses to play the event. He told them that he can only play if

he is allowed to eat in the dining room just like other people

dining there. The hotel manager denies it and Tony pulls him

aside to talk to him. Don enters into the scene again and told Tony he will do the show if Tony wants to, knowing that Tony won’t get paid unless they finish the tour. Tony agrees with Don and they bail on the gig despite the screams of the hotel manager. Then they both walked down the street to a bar for black people. Don buys a round of drinks, flashing his wallet filled with money. After some time Don plays the piano with the jazz band of the bar. Moving towards the end of this feel-good movie. Tony and Don started their drive back to New York hoping to make it by Christmas Eve. The weather was really bad with a lot of snow on the roads and all over the places. After a few moments, Tony admits that he can’t stay awake any longer and barely see through the snow and he accepts that he won’t make it home and goes to sleep. While he was sleeping Don drives the car rest of the way to Tony’s house. He wakes Tony up and told him to go home with a pure smile. Tony invited Don to his house but he refused. Tony then went upstairs and surprises his family. Don returns to his ornate house and sits there alone in melancholy and solitude on a Christmas Eve. The ending of this movie is very emotional as Don comes to Tony’s house with Dolores wholeheartedly welcoming Don and thanked him for helping Tony with the letter and changing her husband.?(IMDb, 2019)

Director Peter Farrelly has made broad comedies in past. Working on his own in ?Green Book?, He doesn’t veer far from that formula, opting for obvious comedy at every turn of the film. The film heads inevitably towards a moment of brotherhood between two men. ?Green Book? is a crowd-pleaser so watching it with a large audience is both essential for its maximum effect. ?The movie certainly paints a rosy picture of race relations, but ultimately there’s nothing bad in it. Movies like green book is

telling us a story that makes our grandfathers seem better than

they probably were. But it does so as an example of how we should? be as an aspirational ideal that maybe we will live up to in the future even if we didn’t yesterday. With an old-fashioned filmmaking which big

studios no more offer anymore ?Green Book? is smooth and dashing, gliding along the surface of deeply emotional,complex issues while dipping down into them just enough to give us a taste of some actual substance. Nobody knows ?Green Book‘? s world is the real world, but it’s a nice one to live in for a while.


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