Global Leadership

Assignment #1 White Paper on Global Leadership 

Conduct a review of the literature regarding Global LeaderAssignment #1 White Paper on ship characteristics. Search for information about which areas are considered critical and relevant for leaders.

Include the following in your review:


• Defining what is global leadership

• Description about the need for addressing global leadership

• Discussion on the key competencies global leaders would need. Include a minimum of 5 competencies and support your selections with related references (2 or more references)

• Describe why they are important

• Choose one of the competencies and discuss its relevancy from a leader’s perspective

• Suggestions for becoming an effective leader global leader

• Conclusion

Paper Requirements:

Global Leadership 1

• Length of paper 5 – 7 pages not including the title or reference page.

• Use minimum 5 scholarly references to support your  research and arguments. Must be published within the last 5 years.

• Submit (upload) as a Word document in the assignment area

• Be sure your paper is in correct APA style (7th ed.), and there are no grammar or spelling errors. Please refer to your APA manual or see (Links to an external site.) for how to properly cite webinars within your paper (in-text) and reference list.

• Every assignment must include the FCE title page (found in APA/Writing Resources) and a reference list in APA form and style.

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