Global climate change: Fact or fiction?

May 16: Preliminary research of your side of the issue: This is going to be a short paper where you take a stance on your issue and show research to support it. You shouldn’t need to go much over 1 page in length, if even that far. Requirements are: A bibliography with at least three sources. One of the sources must be a scientific paper detailing an experiment done on the subject. NOTE: Due to the ubiquity of paywalls and, therefore, the difficulty of acquiring a full paper, a simple Abstract will be sufficient. None of the sources can be a wiki page (either Wikipedia or otherwise) If you find sources that support your partner’s stance instead, send it to them! Collaboration is not only encouraged, but required! You must address each of your sources during the course of your paper. Everything you say in your paper must be supported by your research. You can express opinions, but those opinions must be supported by facts.

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