GBA 490 Example Case Rubric

GBA 490 Example Case Rubric

Read the 20 page case study and complete a FULL case analysis on the attached Chipotle Mexican Grill in 2014 case using the rubric as a guideline below. Paper absolutely MUST follow ALL requirements in rubric and will be extensively checked for any and all forms of plagiarism before awarded a correct answer. Please absolutely NO outside sources other than attached case. Strict deadline and will not extend for revisions. Please do not take on case analysis paper if you are not experienced at writing professional case analyses.

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GBA 490 Example Case Rubric
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Issues & Recommendation:

Identify and Describe 3 Major Issues:

1. Issue #1 + justification (reference to appendix)
2. Issue #2 + justification (reference to appendix)
3. Issue #3 + justification (reference to appendix)
4. Form 1 Key Recommendation from ONE of the above 3 issues:
– Recommendation (implementable)

Appendix: Industry and Competitive Analysis:

External Analysis: Analysis of the Macroenvironment, Industry, & Competitors

  • A. PESTEL Analysis
  • B. Dominant Economic Characteristics
  • – Market Size and Growth Rate
  • – Scope of Competitive Rivalry
  • – Product Innovation 
  • – Economies of Scale
  • – Learning/Experience Curve Effects 

C. Five Forces Analysis (Weak/Moderate/Strong)

  • – Threat of New Entrants
  • – Competition from Substitutes
  • – Buyer Power
  • – Supplier Power 
  • – Rivalry 

D. Drivers of Change in the Industry

– Identify the Industry/Identify Drivers of Change within that Industry

E. Competitor Analysis

  • – Competitor Identification & Strategy (generic plus business model))
  • – Key Success Factors
  • – Weighted Competitor Strength Analysis with takeaway  
  • – Strategic Group Map with takeaway
  • Internal Analysis: Analysis of the Firm Itself 
  1. A. Current Strategy (generic plus business model)
  2. B. VRIN Analysis (+takeaway)
  3. – Must be in table
  4. C. SWOT Analysis (+takeaway)
  5. D. Financial Analysis
  6. -Identify/calculate/discuss at least 3 financial ratios (Show all of your work). What is the take away for each + the company as a whole?


  • – Content needs to be clearly labeled to match rubric
  • – Avoid excessive grammar/punctuation/spelling errors 
  • – Language and word choice needs to be appropriate for college senior-level business students 
  • – Content needs to be presented professionally
  • – Times New Roman, 12 pt., Double-spaced

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