Financial Decision-Making and Investment Analysis


Click on the following file to access the form for this assignment:
Module 3 Articles Review Assignment.docxPreview the document
You will need internet access to open the links to articles listed on the form.
Review each article listed under Column 1 of the form for the chapters by clicking on the link (article name). You are REVIEWING the articles, not conducting a HARD READ

Financial Decision-Making and Investment Analysis 1
Answer the questions related to each article (found in Column 2 of the form).
Type answers into the form in Column 3.
NOTE: Answers should be concise / short answers. These are NOT essay questions. You do not have to write in complete sentences. Listing, where appropriate, is fine. However, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE or you will receive no credit for your answer. If you do write a word for word response, you must follow it up with at least one comment in your own words to demonstrate understanding or knowledge of what you wrote. Again, Keep is simple and concise.
Save your form as a word document and upload it to this assignment.

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