Family Reunion Essay

Have you ever been to or prepared a family reunion? It’s a great time for fun, food fellowship, reminiscing and also a big supplier for T-shirts. Many family celebrations are celebrated different from the way they’re celebrated on television. I attended my first family reunion when I was twelve years old, it was no ordinary family reunion; it involved my immediately family and also extended family, and lasted overnight. It was an overall fun experience and it brought me closer to my family and other unknown relatives.

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Family Reunion Essay
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A family reunion on television is prepared and organized, unlike a family reunion in reality where it is sometimes unorganized. For example, a family reunion on television shows organization because they make sure everything is planned and there is no confusion such as what is going on each day of the weekend and no mix-ups or changes made and every family member has an invitation. “A family that prays together stays together”, is something my grandmother Medea would always say.

I will be describing about the family reunion which brought my family and I closer together.

Sadly, not all people, especially teenagers appreciate their family, getting acquainted night was our first gathering I did not realize how many family members I had, and I was very overwhelmed at first. I was reluctant to be involved and stayed close to my immediate family I honestly did not want to be where I was and also felt awkward after some time. I started liking it when we got a bit more involved in the activities, we played icebreaker games and there were a few speeches giving.

The night turned out pretty fun and the family picnic was probably the most fun part of the reunion. After experiencing a gist of the reunion the night before I was ready to be more involved and reached out I got to know family members who I did not know. After a day it was as if I knew them my whole life this part of the reunion was probably the most active games were held again, and it was all laughs and good times. The family banquet was a formal event my Aunt Ariel was hosting and it closed the family reunion.

The whole family gathered at the formal banquet where closing remarks were made and we spoke about the good time we had during the activities. The family reunion was concluded that we should do something like this more often, after this whole time, grandmother Medea, who was one of the older members in the family reiterated the importance of the family. Due to all the games and activities I did not realize that this reunion actually served a deeper purpose for me and it was just a very fun event.

However, after much thought, I knew these words my grandmother spoke ‘’a family that prays together stays together’’ really had a lot of meaning behind them. By gathering all the members of our family, and joining together in prayer, meals and in good laughs a house that is divided cannot stand”, and family is a very important part of anyone’s life. Family is worth fighting for, also worth doing whatever it takes to see them more often or on regular basis.

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