Factors to Consider in Managing Guy Individual

Seamus, a 13-year-old boy, walks into your office and for the first time reveals that he is gay. Seamus asks you for help with “coming out” to his parents.

  • Think about what considerations (e.g., intended and unintended consequences of his decision) you would want him to take into account before he approaches his family and others.
  • Think about what you should do to prepare to speak with Seamus about his concerns. What might you suggest to Seamus?

  • Consider any concerns that Seamus may have.
  • Think about possible suggestions you might have for Seamus in approaching is family, if any.
  • Identify the possible consequences of his decision.
  • Consider strategies you might share to reduce Seamus’ risk or bolster his resilience

Explain at least two important factors that you would consider when preparing to talk with Seamus about his concerns. Then explain at least one factor Seamus should consider before approaching his family. Finally, explain at least one strategy to reduce risk or to bolster Seamus’ resilience in the face of possible negative consequences with his family.

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