Equality Rights Amendment (ERA). Part B


Equality Rights Amendment (ERA). Part B

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Equality Rights Amendment (ERA). Part B
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Equality Rights Amendment(ERA): Part B

The amending of the constitution regarding the equality of rights is crucial. As citizens of US, we are entitled to fairness, justice, and  equality. In this particular context, I will focus on the importance of amending this Constitution, why people shy away from the amendment and significance of changing it.

The bill will ensure peace and harmony the nation. The recent problems on racism between the police force and the citizens are a result of the inequality of rights; this is why the amendment is necessary. Also, it allows development because of freedom of association and movement thus citizens create jobs and employ each other. It builds the country goals on prosperity since everyone will have the opportunity to be heard and actively contribute to countries development.

The equality rights amendment is opposed because migrants will flock to the country threaten security and job opportunities to the natives. It will also create a situation of reduced productivity because women will not work as men thus resulting in poor and slow production. The equality laws are there to protects the citizens of a country. Thus migrants and those women working in menial jobs have no effects.

In conclusion, equality rights amendment shows maturity of a country, due to no discrimination against its citizens. The injustices that were a result of inequality will wear off due to equality a present law that prohibits discrimination. Hence people moving freely in the country thus total peace stability and harmony.


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