EEI Corporation (EEI) Essay

EEI Corporation (EEI) was incorporated on April 17, 1931 as a machinery and mills supply house for the mining industry. The Company eventually expanded into provisioning construction services and a broader range of industrial machinery and systems. EEI is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, a conglomerate with interests in banking, financial services and property development.

EEI has been involved in the installation, construction and erection of power generating and transmission facilities, oil refineries, chemical production plants, cement plants, food and beverage manufacturing facilities, semiconductor assembly plants, road, rail and bridge infrastructures, and high rise landmarks.

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EEI Corporation (EEI) Essay
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It also operates a steel fabrication plant.

EEI’s subsidiaries includes EEI (BVI) Ltd. & Subsidiaries; EEI Construction and Marine, Inc.; EEI Power Corporation; EEI Realty Corporation; Equipment Engineers, Inc.; Gulf Asia International Corporation; Bagumbayan Equipment & Industrial Plant, Inc.; Philrock Construction and Services, Inc.; Philmark, Inc.; EEI Corporation (Guam), Inc.; and EEI Subic Corporation. The Company has also been involved in several joint venture companies through ECW Joint Venture, Inc.

and Al Rushaid Construction Company Ltd. Board of Directors

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