Cultural Attributes – Response Paper

What   – Your autobiographical sketch is a personal description and reflection of who you are at this point in time based upon the twelve attributes of culture, listed on p.46 of the provided readings. You should read through pp 45-53 (you don’t need to write the answers on these pages, but DO jot down notes for each of these attributes). You will be keying into some of the main ideas of cultural identities that have influenced you when you write your paper. (p. 50 was blurred, so I scanned it to be read with the other pages.


Visual Format – Your autobiographical sketch should be about three pages in length, single-spaced. Include your name, submittal date, and original title at the top of your page (your heading). Be sure and leave 1 inch margins top, bottom, left and right sides.


How – This assignment consists of 4 steps:

*          Step 1: Data Collection

Review the categories listed by Cushner (2006) in the provided readings p. 46 that provides sources of cultural identity that influence teaching and learning. Read each of the attributes as a way to organize your thoughts. Review other personal documents or artifacts, photo albums, school year books, etc. and/or talk to others (parents, spouse, children, siblings, best friends, etc.) who know you well to affirm accuracy and your perceptions. Consider the effects that “socializing agents” such as the family, neighborhood, church, school, community, peer group, electronic media, sports, arts, and workplace have had on defining who you are.

*          Step 2: Organization of Sources and Sketching Out Your Thoughts.

Organize your multiple sources of data either chronologically or thematically (sometimes both). Read Activity 10, pp. 45-53 and think about each attribute, jotting down your thoughts which will outline your paper.

*          Step 3: Write Narrative

Now organize your writings into a holistic portrayal that is readable and offers the reader with essential information to understand who you are according to the 12 Cultural Attributes.  There are 12 Attributes and you MUST address 10 of the 12 categories and the choice of which 10 is yours to decide.  Remember when you are the teacher, “choice” is good. That will be your Critical Attributes Response Paper #1.  It is due May 29.

*          Step 4: Submit assignment by posting on Discussion Board and in “Submit Assignments” (see the left hand column of Laulima).

Submit your Response Paper #1 with your name on it and correctly labeled (critical_attributes_kai.doc) that is if your name is “Kai” in the Assignment area and post on Discussion Board for your classmates to read.  Please do not write anything you don’t want your classmates or myself to read  in this paper.


  1. Composing an autobiographical sketch based upon critical attributes is one way for you to demonstrate your understanding of socialization and the diverse factors that impact one’s worldview, values, and behaviors.
  2. Reading about others may increase our sense of community in this online class.



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