Communication Opinion Paper Essay

Communication is the most important tool that we as human us. It is an imperative component in our daily lives. Communication begins when we greet or see another individual that we know. There are many forms of communication and they are effective communication, healthcare communication, and regular communication and many more. The time and place in which we used a type of communication depends on the context of the situation and purpose. Understanding the necessary elements of communication allows individuals to know when and how to use different forms of communication.

Elements of communication or sender/receiver when you are speaking to someone they receive the message and then they will give you feedback.

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Communication Opinion Paper Essay
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Encoding is when you put thought into symbols (gesture or words). Assigning meaning to symbols is called decoding. Message is the idea though, feeling or opinion. Channel is the medium in which through which message travels from sender to receiver. Feedback is the receiver response to the message and indicates how the message is seen (Cheesebro, O’Connor, Rios, 2010).

The entire basic element are needed in order to communicate with other effectively the basic element help you to convey your feeling your though with an individual in order to get feedback from the person that is receiving the message.

Do the basic elements and the rules of healthcare communication differ? They are the same in order for you to speak to a patient or their families you still have to us the basic element of effective communication. The ethical principles by treating patients with dignity and respect, being honest and trustworthy in their professional relationship, and maintaining patient confidentiality. We utilize the same element when we are speaking with an individual on a personal aspect. By being honest with the patient and their families they gain confide in the decision that you will make when carrying for the patient.

How might a provider encourage communication to a reluctant consumer? When a consumer is reluctant to communicate you have to gain the consumer trust that you know what you are talking about. Sharing situation in a conversation that is similar to the consumer can be helpful and may break the ice. Smiling and reassuring the consumer that you are knowledgeable in can answer any question that they may have (Repetto, Gibson, Lubbers, Gritz, Reiss,).

How might cultural differences influence communication? Cultural differences may affect the way you communicate. The differences may be verbal and nonverbal communication. Facial expressions like smiling can indicate that people are friendly and approachable but in other culture people who smile can be seen as inappropriate. Context whether it is high or low. High context culture explain everything that they are talking about and assume that other do not have any information on a certain topic. Low context culture assumed that people understand what is being said to them and as a result, they do not explain everything.

Eye contact show interest in another person but in other cultures eye contact convey honesty. Formality speaking can be formal or in formal depending on cultural norms. Informal culture assume that everyone is equal. Formal cultures assume that there is hierarchy among people. Touching the way people touch one another may depend upon whether they are a contact culture or a noncontact culture. Contact cultures touch each other when they are speaking. Noncontact touching is inappropriate, pushy and aggressive.

Even though we communicate there are still barrier that can stop us from communicating effectively with other. There are culture barrier and language barrier. We communicate with other on day to day bases; whether it is speaking to a friend or a consumer in order to communicate effectively we have to use the basic elements of communication in order to establish a relationship that is honest straight forward and respectful to whom you are speaking with. Barrier can be hard to overcome as well as cultural differences but with the basic element in place when we are communicating with other can establish a great relationship between the sender and the receiver.

Communicating in the workplace
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