Coffee Shops Essay

Whenever I am in need to study or just want to find a place to hangout, what instantly springs to my mind is a coffee shop. There are many different coffee shops around me, but only one is my absolute favorite. My favorite coffee shop is Beca House. Beca House is a locally owned business and is only about twelve minutes from my house. It is the coziest little nook, where I usually spend my mornings before class eating breakfast and drinking my favorite espresso coffee drink.

After all, coffee is the best way to wake up and get the body moving.

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Coffee Shops Essay
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As I walk into Beca House every morning, the strong bitter aroma of ground coffee beans drift through the air, soaking into my clothes as I make my way to the counter to place my order. The smell was circulating because the coffee bar is located near the left side of the shop. The first attraction for me was the baked goods.

They are tidily placed in the transparent glass cabinet, lining up and waiting for me to eat them all. There were all different types of baked goods like muffins, streusels, cheesecakes, cookies, and biscotti’s. Up above near the ceiling of the bar, there were an assortment of coffee beans packed into brown bags.

The barista takes my order, large campfire frappe, double espresso. On a cooler day, I order a hot vanilla cappuccino. The delicious smell of coffee generates from the espresso machines. There is also a blackboard on the counter near the menu with a quote written with chalk that will change from day to day. The barista hands me my custom beverage order, and I stroll back to the front of the coffee shop to find a place to get comfortable. All along the walls of the shop are strategically placed vintage paintings and inspirational quotes.

Dim lights shine on the spaced out vintage furniture, making for a very soothing and quiet atmosphere. No two pieces of furniture are the same, big couches, small wooden chairs, dark colored pillows, and rustic end tables. I like admiring this type of environment: soothing and calming, yet still inviting. In comparison to most restaurants, coffee shops are by no means a noisy place. The sound of chatters and laughter blends together with the background music playing around the shop, and the volume is set at a medium tone.

Coffee shops provide a comfortable, yet sociable gathering spot for people of all ages. I often find peers of my own studying for big tests, writing papers, or maybe just reading a new book and relaxing. The Beca House is my favorite part to my day. I cannot start without it. Even on days that I do not have class, I find myself getting my daily cup of coffee at the crack of dawn, just before work. Stopping at Beca House has become part of my daily routine, and I do not see it being cut out any time soon. I know I go there a lot when the barista’s know my order when I walk through the door. There’s something so perfect about it being just me, my thoughts, and my morning cup of coffee.

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