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  1. Refer to the Learning Infographic Design and Cyber Security Awareness: Digital Data Protection.

    Your work so far has been well-received, and the management team is very interested in quickly bringing the rest of the organization into the process. The management team has expressed interest in incorporating cloud technology as part of the Auburn Regional’s IT architecture.

    To integrate both of these requests, you decide to create an infographic that could, on a single diagram, give the reader an idea of what cloud technology is and how it could be used by Auburn Regional as these enterprise systems updates are in action. As you might imagine, there is a wealth of information on the internet involving the use of cloud computing.

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    Cloud Computing Assignments | Nursing Homework Help
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    Consider the following information, and outline your answers:

    • What are the pros and cons of cloud computing?
    • Where could cloud computing fit in the organizational structure and operations?
    • How do companies that enter cloud technology agreements pass on those issues to their customers?
    • How do these companies really know where their data and the data of their customers is really stored?
    • What precautions are being taken?
    • Using your outline, create an original infographic for a presentation to the Auburn Regional management team that shows:
    • The basics of cloud computing
    • An overview of pros and cons of cloud computing
    • Where cloud computing could possibly fit into the organizational structure and operations
    • At least two concerns that need to be addressed
    • Include your outline on a separate document to support your infographic.

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