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writer i need to answer this the paper that I’m writing about is about  The scenario will be the adoption of electronic health records in the healthcare sector as a replacement of the paper-based records system. Hospitals have been using paper-based record systems to take and store patient data. My idea seeks to show the justification for transitioning to electronic health records that offer several benefits including faster retrieval of patient data, makes sharing patient data possible and faster, enhances health outcomes, etc.


I need you to use this in order to elaborate on this answer as well as using two scholarly journal articles. 350 words. please read everything.

For your current organization or one with which you are familiar identify the change initiative that you will use for your Change Management Application paper in which you diagnosis the need for change, and create a proposed action plan based on either Kotter’ 8 Step Process or The Change Path Model; possible examples include a change in  a policy, process, technology, mergers and acquisitions, and reorganizations.  In responding to this discussion thread, describe change initiative identifying what type of change is required: tuning, adapting, redirecting or recreating.

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