Case Study On A Business

BA 314 Case Study Instructions
1. Open the link in the assignment which will take you to an online article on 7 mini cases. Review the 7 cases and choose one to write about. (

2. Write a paper with the following three parts:

​​a. (30 points) Write a paragraph or two summarizing the mini case that you choose. Include your reason for choosing the case.

​​b. (30 points) Pick one unfamiliar term or concept in the mini case, do some research on the term or concept and write a paragraph or two on explaining the term or concept.

​​c. (40 points). The mini case will have a section on challenges and a section on paths to resolve those challenges. In this section you will write about an alternative path to resolving one of the challenges. Make sure to write about potential outcomes from your projected path or solution.

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